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‘Waves’ and their uses

You may have heard the word ‘waves’ a thousand times but have you ever thought of the real significance waves?

What exactly is a wave? We would simply explain a wave ‘as a periodic motion that propagates with or without a medium from one place to another’.

Waves fall into two groups.They are the electromagnetic wave and the mechanical wave. Electromagnetic waves do not need a medium to pass through but mechanical waves do.

Let us look at some uses of waves. Waves which form in the water such as in the ocean, lakes or rivers are very common. They can be used to generate hydro power. Those formed in the ocean could be used for various water sports such as surfing.

Sound waves are used to operate different equipment such as sonar equipment used by ships to find obstacles under the water. Infrared waves are used by remote controllers and other electronic devices. Waves are also used to work micro ovens.

It is clear that waves could be used for different purposes to help us in our lives. Even though they are very useful to us we should also remember that ocean waves could result in disasters like Tsunamis.



Grade 9,

Hizbullah Central College.