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Animals : Persian Cats

Where did they come from?


The first Persian cats originated from…you guessed it, Persia, which is today, Iran in Asia. They came to Europe in the 1600s where they were bred with other cats over many years to achieve the breed they are today.


What types of Persian cats are there?


Persian cats come in all sorts of colours including the solid colours of black, lilac, red, cream, chocolate and white. They also come in a variety of patterns such as pointed, tortoiseshell, tabby, and Himalayan. They also come in smaller toy versions as well as short hair versions like the exotic shorthair.

Flat Face


Persians are known for their flat faces. There are actually 3 types of faces:

Show Quality - The show quality face is the most flat to the point of being extreme with little to no nose.


Doll Face (Breeder Quality) - The doll face has a bit more of a nose and is very round.


Pet Quality - The typical pet will have even more of a nose and the face will not be perfectly round. This is probably a good thing as too flat of a face can make it difficult for the cat to breathe and can lead to respiratory problems.



Persians are typically calm easy-going cats. They like human attention and are social creatures, unlike some cat breeds. This is perhaps why they are such a popular breed of pet. Its temperament makes it a good cat for apartment living.

Does it make a good pet?


Persian cats have a very loyal following of people who love them as pets. They have many of the good qualities of cats such as being easy to take care of and cleanliness. They are also very social and friendly. The drawbacks include: they can be fussy eaters, they need a fair amount of grooming and they also have a high incidence of kidney disease. Because of their long coat, they need to be bathed often and brushed every day. Otherwise its hair can be clipped short.


The Persian cat is a domesticated cat that is the most popular breed of cats in the United States. They are most famous for their very flat face and round heads.

They have short limbs and long thick fur.


Fun facts about Persian Cats


The Persian cat was a favourite of the French nobility.

The average Persian cat lives for around 12 years. Mr. Tinkles in the movie Cats and Dogs was played by a Persian

Sometimes they are groomed in a 'lion cut' where the body is shaved but hair is left long around the head, legs and

Its popularity as a breed is waning in Britain.

The most popular types of Persian cats are the Blue Point, Seal Point, Tortie Point and Flame Point