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Kindness to animals

As civilised people we should show kindness to those who are weak and who depend on us. We should always try to treat animals with kindness and sympathy. There are several domestic animals that are useful and faithful. Some of them are cows, buffaloes, dogs and horses. They should be well looked after and treated in a humane way. We see some people injure small creatures for mere fun . They catch insects like butterflies and beetles and prick them with pins. The dog is regarded as man's most faithful friend. Bulls do a great service to man by drawing carts but often we see how they are beaten and forced to pull carts. The worst thing is that they are killed for flesh at the end. Parents should teach their children from their very young days to love all animals and to avoid causing them pain. Teachers too should make pupils aware of the value of treating animals well. We should never forget that animals are an integral part of our environment.


Hashini Dulanjalee,

Grade 10,

Devapala college, Kurunegala