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MTI idea2fund’s Bakamuna : Art-therapy for learning difficulties

Chief Bakamuna Rochelle Bibile helping students with art-therapy
Chief Bakamuna Rochelle Bibile helping students with art-therapy

MTI idea2fund’s Bakamuna collaborated with the Learning Support Unit of Lyceum International School, Nugegoda (LN) at two mixed media art workshops, held recently at the school premises. Bakamuna is a mixed media lifestyle design brand enabled by MTI Consulting’s idea2fund.

As the creative partner of an upcoming Art Exhibition organized by the Learning Support Unit of LN, Bakamuna organized these workshops on the theme of mixed media self-portraits. Mixed media integrates two or more artistic mediums such as, ink and pastel or paint and collage into a single composition.

Students focused on using different materials to create visuals of themselves, the purpose being to help them understand that they are special in their own way and to encourage them to use different types of material to express themselves.

“It has been found that many individuals with learning disabilities possess strong creative skills,” said Vanessa Bibile, Head of Department, Special Education Needs at LN.

“The students who were chosen to be a part of these workshops are those that have shown special interest in art and craft and we are sure the creativity and passion of Bakamuna has inspired and supported our students to build up their talents.”

The Learning Support Unit (LSU) of LN caters to the requirements of students with different learning difficulties, both individually and collectively, equipped with specially trained staff.

“The two workshops helped the students understand their value as individuals and gave them the opportunity to express themselves through mixed media.

By introducing a range of different materials such as cloth, newspaper, paint and paper, the students were able to decide how they would like to portray themselves.” said Chief Bakamuna/CEO Rochelle Bibile. “Bakamuna is very happy to be involved in this project as it is something very close to our hearts.

Through my association with ANZATA (Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association), I have come to understand how simple creative processes can enhance emotional and mental well-being and these workshops will help to boost the kids’ overall confidence and self-esteem.”

Bakamuna is a mixed media lifestyle design brand that aims to create, connect and collaborate.

The company supports the local art community in diverse ways having also committed in aiding an upcoming exhibition where these portraits are to be showcased along with a range of other art work created by the students. 


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