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Mom leaves dirty diaper surprise for package thief

A box filled with dirty diapers and a note for a package thief
A box filled with dirty diapers and a note for a package thief

HILLSBORO, Ore. - A package thief got a stinky surprise after messing with the wrong mom in Hillsboro.

The mom, Angie Boliek, said she was fed up after someone stole a package carrying her son’s Christmas baby pajamas.

The child made his own contributions to her plan for retribution.

“It’s the season for stealing, I guess,” Boliek said Tuesday.

She and her husband are new parents of a mellow, 4-month-old named Ben.

“It’s a really fun time and it’s fun watching him explore the world,” Boliek explained. “He just looked at Christmas lights the last week and just loved ‘em.”

She said it’s a yearly tradition in her family to have children take a photo in their Christmas pajamas, so she ordered some online.

“Thursday I got an email from the store saying it was delivered and I did not receive it,” Boliek said.

When she realized the package was stolen she got frustrated.

“I wanted to get my own, I guess, passive-aggressive revenge,” Boliek said.

She taped up a box filled with 10 to 15 of her son’s dirty diapers along with a note reading, “Enjoy this you thief!” and left it on the porch Sunday.

By Monday evening she said the box was gone.

How dirty were the diapers?

“Well, he’s been sick the last week, so we’ll just leave it at that,” Boliek said. “It’s pretty gross.”

She called Hillsboro police.

An officer told a reporter -- while laughing -- that they don’t have any leads at this point in either the theft of the pajamas or the No. 2 package.

“It was kind of a little bit of a relief and it was fun to come home and see that it was gone,” Boliek said.

“We had quite a good laugh thinking about someone opening up the box of dirty diapers, thinking that they’re gonna get something good and it’s not.”

Police don’t necessarily recommend her tactics.

A Hillsboro police spokesman offered up some tips saying you’re better off getting a tracking number and paying close attention to your front porch on your scheduled delivery date or picking up your package from a delivery center.

Boliek and her husband said they’re installing surveillance cameras.

Police say that and requiring signatures for packages are also good ways to help stop and catch so-called porch pirates or in this case “poop pirates.”