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Dear Dr. M

My friend is 15, and she smokes cigarettes, smokes weed, and drinks alcohol. I’ve tried to get her to stop, but she won’t. She has never encouraged me to do this, and she only does it because people pick on her. Also, she changed schools because of how people treated her, so I rarely see her now. Whenever she talks about doing this stuff in texts or through FaceTime and stuff, it makes me sad, and the same thing happens when I see her smoking on her Snap Chat story. Anyway, I just need advice on what to do. I don’t want her to get in trouble, but I also want her to be happy and healthy. Please contact me ASAP. I’ve already told her the risks of doing this stuff, but she just won’t listen. Please help. I care about her very much.

— Avery, 15

Dear Avery,

I understand how difficult it is for you. However, I do have some advice for you based on the question you asked about your friend.

It’s very hard to see a friend engaging in self-destructive behavior, but there is really nothing more you can do aside from what you’ve already done. If you feel that your friend is very depressed or suicidal, then I would suggest that you contact her family. The best you can do is live the kind of life that feels right to you, which includes taking care of yourself while making the time to be a concerned, caring friend to others. Hopefully, your friend will eventually hear your words of concern and take them seriously.

Dr. M

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