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Finding a Date

Yes, it’s important that you’re physically attracted to your partner, but it’s just as important to be attracted to their personality. That’s why looking for people with shared interests is a great place to start. Get to know people who are involved in the same clubs, sports teams and activities as you.

You might even consider joining a new club or organization that interests you. Have you always loved art but never had a chance to join the art club.

The dating world can seem really confusing. What’s the best way to ask your crush out? What does it mean to be a good boyfriend, anyway? While there’s no magic formula for the perfect relationship, there are a few steps you can follow to boost your dating success. First, put yourself out there by joining clubs and going to social events. Once you’ve found a crush, gather your courage and ask them out! If you end up taking the next step and starting a relationship, you can be a good boyfriend by balancing your time, compromising and communicating openly.

Say yes to parties and other social events.

Parties, football games, pep rallies, and other social events are great places to meet potential dates. Go put yourself out there!

Not sure how to approach someone? Have a mutual friend introduce you. You’ll already have something in common: your shared friend!

Strike up conversations in class.

Class is a great time to meet a potential partner, especially because you see your classmates every day. Take a look around the room and scope out the single people in your class. If you feel drawn to someone, start a conversation.

If you don’t know where to start, comment on a shared experience in the class. If you thought the homework last night was impossible, you could say, “That assignment last night really killed me. How was it for you?”

Practice good hygiene.

One of the simplest ways to boost your chances of dating success is to practice good hygiene. That means brushing your teeth, showering, and washing your clothes regularly. Post-workout stink is sure to kill your game.

Asking Out Your Crush

Start by hanging out in a group.

Asking out a crush can be really nerve-wracking. If you want to take things slowly, ask your crush to hang out in a group situation first. You could go to a cricket game, or head to the beach with a few of your mutual friends. It’ll take the pressure off but still give you some time to get to know your crush a little better.

Think of different date options ahead of time. Come up with a few different date options before you ask out your crush. It might even be helpful to write them down so you don’t forget them. After all, nerves can play games with your brain.

· You could go bowling, head to a movie, have a sunset picnic, or play glow-in-the-dark putt putt golf! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

· Think about what your crush likes to do. If they’re really into swimming, you could visit a water park or go for a dip in your local lake.

· If you’re nervous about keeping up the conversation, go for a date activity where you won’t have to talk the whole time, like a game of cricket or a movie.[4]

Ask your crush what they would like to do.

Throw out a couple of the activities you came up with, like going to the movies or having a weekend beach day. Then, ask your crush what they think and see if they have any suggestions of their own. Doing this shows your crush that their opinion counts.[5]

· You might say, “Hey, I was thinking we could do something together this weekend, like go bowling or check out the carnival. What do you think?”

Be respectful if your crush declines. It’s a bummer, but sometimes crushes say no. If this happens, respect your crush’s decision. Don’t say rude things or keep pushing them to go on a date with you. Let yourself feel low for a little while, then brush it off and move on. You’ll find the right person eventually.[6]

· Say something like, “Ok, I get it. Just thought I’d ask.”