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Life skill for your teens

1. Money or Budgeting Skills

· Make a budget and stick to it. Your children should know when to spend and when to save.

· Every teen must know how to open a bank account, use the ATM, transfer money online and write a check.

· They should know how to use credit and debit cards and not over spend.

· They can get sucked into a whirlpool of debt if they are not careful.

· Save money to buy or invest in something, for emergencies.

· Give money to charity without going overboard.

· Maintain financial records.

· Assess the basic market value of goods.

2. Cooking or Food Skills

Knowing how to cook food is one of the primary life skills for teenagers. So that they can survive in any part of the world.

· Getting groceries is important. One of the important skills here is to be able to identify different ingredients and know where they are available.

· Using kitchen appliances like microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher and toaster among others.

· Knowledge about utensils, cutlery and how to use them.

· Being able to prepare a healthy meal with the ingredients available. Teach your teen the basics of cooking a decent meal using simple ingredients.

· Storing food in the right way. You want your kids to know where and how to store different food products like fresh produce, packaged food, and liquids.

· Reading food labels for nutrition and ingredient information.

3. Dress Sense or Clothing Skills

Your teenagers will not continue to dress themselves like how you once dressed them. They are likely to get influenced by the wrong people. So, here is what you can help them get one of the everyday skills right.

· Picking the right sized clothes, a decent outfit.

· Choosing the right kind of clothes for the right occasion.

· Sewing is a skill both men and women can benefit from.

· Iron a shirt, a trouser or suit.

· Do the laundry. Teach your teen to wash clothes by hand or using a washing machine and to deal with simple stains.

· Fold clothes and put them neatly in their cupboard.

· Pack a suitcase.

· Read and understand fabric labels.

4. Grooming

It is a skill that children should be taught early on. Personal grooming is important to stay healthy and also have a good social or romantic life.

· Teach them healthy habits like brushing and bathing daily.

· Explain the importance of keeping their bodies clean. It is important that they know how to care for their skin and hair.

· Boys should know how to shave or maintain facial hair in a hygienic way.

· Teach girls to stay clean during their periods, proper disposal of sanitary pads, etc.

5. Cleanliness and Hygiene

Cleanliness is one of the tenets of hygiene. Teach your kid to keep himself as well as his surroundings clean and tidy. This is part of their personal grooming and home management skills. Some of the basic things that your teen should be able to do include:

· Dusting and vacuuming.

· Mopping floors and getting rid of cobwebs.

· Keeping bathrooms and toilets clean.

· Keeping the kitchen clean.

· Clearing garbage regularly.

· Eliminating clutter from time to time.

· Knowing how to clean dishes by hand, not all homes come with a dishwasher.

To be continued...