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Thrills and skills in volunteering

Some exciting tips how to make this work.

1. Time

Remember projects start at a defined time. If you’re not there on time you will not miss any information given. Plus you’ll be letting your team down. Same thing in the workplace, with even more at stake!

2. Ability to work with a variety of managers

Did you notice that some Team Leaders run projects differently. They sometimes use different managering styles. you will have to cope with various types of individuals and their managering styles in the work place.

3. Time-Management

At a fashion project, your Team Leader instructs you that you need to help customers when they need help, sort new dresses, and assist with sizes and take care of the cleaning. You prioritize and figure out the best way to accomplish those tasks within the project time.

4. Leadership

In training or school were you able to lead a team or help in any way? If you did in showing them how to do things in certain parts of task, then this becomes your leadership skills at work.

5. Communication- all ages

Did you work with children in church or help out in a pre-school? What about seniors? If so, we hope you’re more comfortable interacting with people of other ages than you might have been.

6. Professionalism

When you serve on a project, you represent the company or the community, requiring you to be professional and courteous.

7. Teamwork

Every volunteering project involves working as a team in some size, so after a few projects, you’ll have developed your skills in working with all kinds of teams.

8. Ability to work with different people

Did you meet people from another part of town? Did you work with youth with different interests from you?

9. Work Ethic

You knew this would be part of this list, right? If you can spend an afternoon spreading bark mulch on a 100-degree day, that shows a lot about your dedication and work ethic!

10. Customer Service

Did you interact with people coming through to get a meal at the soup kitchen? Did you interact with customers at a thrift store? What about greeting hello to hikers on a nature trail? Every time you were in a situation like this, you were representing both the agency you were serving.. This is great customer service experience!

11. Confidence

Did you have to step outside your comfort zone on a project? It might have been scary at the time, but in the process you became more confident.

12. Public relations

Did you ever have to explain the project was to agency staff, other volunteers at the agency or even your friends? You were representing and being a public relations expert for us!

13. Teachability

Did you learn a new skill when working on project—anything from how to plant onions to how to remove a nail from a board? Someone probably taught you this skill, and you were receptive to what they were telling you, an important ability in the workforce.

14. Organization

All kinds of projects involve organizing, from sorting cans at a food pantry to reorganizing a supply closet in the animal shelter.

15. Following Instructions

At the beginning of the project, your Team Leader and the agency contact give you instructions on your responsibilities. Staying on track and following their guidance is an important thing to learn.

16. Flexibility

Not everything goes according to plan. You need to adapt and be prepared for whatever might come your way on any given project.

17. Problem-Solving

Sometimes it seems like there’s no way you’ll be able to accomplish a project from start to finish. Then you think it over some more, talk with your team and just start tackling the project. Before you know it, you’re done.

18. Planning

Not only did you have to plan ahead when you signed up for your project, but you also probably had to plan your tasks for the day to ensure that the entire project was successful.

19. Creativity

When you volunteer you get all kinds of projects, ways to think creatively, from helping kids with an art to acting out a play at a retirement home.

20. Training

Did you ever teach other youth how to do certain projects? You were training them on the task, just like you might one day train another employee.