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Youngsters making their mark

Hamish Finlayson and  Reyhan Camalova
Hamish Finlayson and Reyhan Camalova

When the world leaders and successful entrepreneurs made lengthy discussions on creating a more vibrant environment and a level-playing field to spur entrepreneurship and economic growth at the recently concluded Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) 2017 - ‘Women First, Prosperity for All’ in India, two remarkable youngsters made a mark with their innovation in the clean energy and health sectors.

Thirteen-year old Hamish Finlayson from Australia and 15-year old Reyhan Camalova from Azerbaijan spread the message that ‘if there’s a will there’s a way’ to become an entrepreneur, even at an early age with whatever the resources and skills available.’

What is unique about the ventures started by these kids is the valid cause behind their projects. Their stories would inspire the young and the old alike.

Finlayson was creating a buzz at GES, with his gaming and app innovations; Hamish started developing apps at seven. Being, a keen nature lover, his apps are on related topics. His works include LitterbugSmash, an iOS app, and Keep Calm and Save Turtles. By now he has completed five apps with the sixth one on the making.

Finlayson got inspired by his own health conditions (he being an autism kid) and his love for environment. “I always liked games and wanted to use it as entertainment come along with the awareness factor,” Finlayson told the media. One of his games – LitterbugSmash’ is about how to save our saving our natural environment from being polluted.

Bubbly youngster from Azerbaijan, Camalova who loves maths, physics and chemistry, and plays the piano, has set up a company that harvest energy from rain water.

Camalova’s entry into entrepreneurship began following a question from her father which is – “When you can make energy from wind, why not from rainwater?.” This question etched in her mind so deeply and inspired her to do exactly that.

As some of the youngest entrepreneurs to take part in the Summit these two kids drew much attention to them. The class-nine student Camalova was one of the three entrepreneurs referred to by US President Donald Trump’s daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump in her speech at the inaugural session.

Finlayson attended the summit for the second time. “I was invited to be part of the GES held in the US’s Silicon Valley last year. I am attending the second GES now,” he said.

Being an autism kid, Finlayson creates awareness on dealing with kids with autism and how to handle and support such kids-which is a great awareness program as well. Hamish was diagnosed with Autism at a very early age and was determined to help others who face challenges – he was aware that kids with autism were treated unfairly by certain sections of society. Through his app Hamish wants people to know what autism is all about, so they can stop mistreating kids with autism. The participants of the summit admired and encouraged his initiatives, which Hamish took with a nod; he obliged to pose for selfies and videos along with his fans. LitterbugSmash is a multi-media, multi-channel educational tool, game play and fundraising initiative designed to protect oceans, save turtles and keep everywhere beautiful - especially Australia, where Hamish comes from. Hamish says his education his priority and he is encouraged by his parents to do well with his studies.

Wind power

Camalova was the youngest female entrepreneur to participate at the GES this year.

The class-nine student was one of the three entrepreneurs referred to by US President Donald Trump’s daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump in her speech at the inaugural session.

Ivanka said, “Reyhan Camalova is 15 years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from founding a company that harvests energy from rainwater.

Reyhan has a powerful motto — light up one house at a time. Reyhan, each home you light up is illuminating the world. We are all inspired by your brilliance and hard work.”

Camalova has designed a smart generator to harvest energy from rain. She told the media that her plan was to find investors for her startup, Rainergy. As a CEO and founder of Rainergy, she wanted to find an investor to make an energy device. She was keen to enter the global market through the device.

This enthusiastic young girl is also keen on her education – in fact some of her schoolmates and physicists have also joined hands to work on the project. – (CJ)

 Is age a barrier?
Mention the word entrepreneur your mind races to images of older men and women in slick business suits.  But the truth is anyone can become an entrepreneur and age is absolutely no barrier.  Really!  There’s one other myth: entrepreneurs are individuals who have all launched a business idea that has made them big.  Again, the truth is anyone can be enterprising.  It just means to learn to make opportunity out of things that come your way in life.  Yes, it would be very nice if you could turn one idea, at least, into a profitable business.
Here are few hallmarks of entrepreneurs:
1. They train themselves to see and create opportunity out of everyday situations including problems.  They always see ways to make things better; be it at studies, at home, at work or even while hanging out.  When they are confronted with problems they only see opportunity to create solutions.
2. They believe that if you don’t dare you go nowhere; so they learn to enjoy taking calculated risks.  In fact, they learn to take chances and pave their own way as they progress.  Failures strengthen them even more; give them more resolve and better ways to get to where they want to.
3. They just love to think outside the box and that simply means to think of creative ways of approaching life, problems and opportunity.  They confront challenges with unconventional solutions.
4. They don’t live in the past or in their mistakes; they are focused on the future and push themselves relentlessly.  They learn more from their experiences and look forward to the next challenge.
5. They are up-to-date with the changing world and love to know a bit about everything. They know which websites to browse no matter how busy they are – from news to tech to human interest – they are well-informed.  
6. They learn from others, from even children.  They love to share ideas and they love to experiment new ideas.  They engage what they know into creating pathways to get to their goals.
7. They never give up and turn transformation into a passion.  Ideas and doing new things are their biggest past-times.  
You may be a student, a secretary, a teacher, engineer, a writer or nearly anyone out there.  You don’t need to start a business to become enterprising or to call yourself an entrepreneur even though when you learn the art of doing things this way, you may just think of trying out a business idea! – (MH)