A Majestic apology! | Sunday Observer

A Majestic apology!

The blind jumbo, the twisted tusker

The Galgamuwe King of the jungle

I most solemnly kneel at your feet, at your graveyard

On behalf of all Sri Lankans

And beg forgiveness from you

As I too happened to be one of the species

Of that callous breed, mankind.

In the prime years of your dignified life

A gang of bloody barbarians

For the sake of easy money

In greed of your precious ivory

Put an end to your noble life

And your unsuspicious gigantic body

Was an easy target for the heartless poachers.

This heinous crime upon a blind noble creature

Is a disgrace to all mankind

An unpardonable shame

And the pain you had undergone

Is unimaginable to the animal lovers

To the sensitive mind.

Yet we can imagine your tragic fall

The fall of a majestic mighty king

We can imagine how silently

How heartily you bore the agony

with your big heart.

A decade ago

The wicked poachers

Had deprived you of your invaluable sight

And since then you wandered like a helpless pauper

What a pathetic plight

For a noble creature like you!

Though you are no more

We who have boundless love for fauna and flora

Share your untold pains, sorrow and tears

We apologise to you

The tortured pride of Sri Lanka

not once, but a thousand time

We pray

“May you never come across man’s mean acts

Man’s inhuman, shameful, wicked deeds!”

- D.H. Shanthiratne