Children to get donations from Zam Zam Foundation | Sunday Observer

Children to get donations from Zam Zam Foundation

Zam Zam Foundation President As-Shika Mufthi Haniffa Yoosuf presented a cheque for Rs.45 million to Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyavasam recently. The Zam Zam project for School with a Smile is dedicated to make children happier and more comfortable among their peers. Children were presented with new shoes with a custom-stitched school bag and accessories, which was of great relief on parents' annual financial burden.

Zam Zam Foundation this year also made their contribution through the Education Ministry to benefit 15,000 students who are under poverty level.

ONUR and Zam Zam Foundation jointly organised the event at BMICH under the patronage of former president and ONUR president Chandirika Banadarnaike Kumaratunga, Zam Zam Directors and ministers and members of parliament.

Pix: Ashraff A. Samad, Dehiwela-Mt.Lavania Spl.Cor.