‘Unity Govt will continue’ | Sunday Observer

‘Unity Govt will continue’

Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, Ajith P. Perera said it would be totally illogical for one to think President Maithripala Sirisena or the SLFP faction in the Government will ever join the Joint Opposition (JO), as it is only a temporary phenomenon.

“It is only natural that the SLFP is now divided. At the same time, most members desire to have some semblance of unity within the party. But fortunately or unfortunately, very serious differences within leadership in both factions have thwarted any kind of a unity. Of course, none can see any future with the JO,” the Deputy Minister told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

The Deputy Minister said at present the President is consolidating his power within the SLFP. The rebellious SLFP group in the JO is breaking away and joining the President. Therefore, it is only natural that the President will have a sway over the SLFP parliamentary group.

He said the key stakeholders of the UNP and the SLFP are almost unanimous on key issues such as The Hambantota Port project, The Mattala Airport and The Colombo Port City project despite apprehensions on the part of interested parties. Actually, there are no differences between the two major parties on these serious subjects and even in other areas such as foreign policy or social development projects.

The National Unity Government will certainly be able to survive in its present form during the next three years inspite of alleged differences.