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Love singing

Dear Dr. M

I am a fourteen-year-old girl. My hobby is singing. I want to try my luck in singing by joining the audition in my school. When I told my parents about my wish, they forbade me. I was very disappointed. I feel that my parents did not give me a chance to develop my talent. They told me that I should have studied hard at school. I am very confused now. What should I do?

— Hanna, 14

Dear Hanna,

Explain to your parents that you can pursue your singing hobby while still spending time doing your schoolwork. But then you have to deliver on what you promised. Put together a realistic schedule that combines time to focus on your singing (including lessons, practice, and auditions) also provide enough time for you to do well at school. Give your plan a bit of time since your parents will probably be most convinced when they see that you are able to achieve high grades while also dedicating time to developing your voice. Keep in mind that even if you do not get selected for the singing competition, learning how to balance multiple priorities is an important lifelong skill, and you will have had experience doing that.

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Dr. M

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