Ludorum Expecto– Await the games” | Sunday Observer

Ludorum Expecto– Await the games”

Day 01

Grounds day of Interaction was held last month, at St. Peter’s College Grounds. The competitions started off with all the Interactors from each club gathering in front of the field, with their respective club flags, giving the event a prestigious start. Formalities were addressed by reciting the Interact pledge and invocation, giving the line ‘That the differences of cultures and creeds should not matter’ from the Interact Invocation more validity.

Thereafter, the battle for the shield began, with the Athletic events, where the flames of friendly competition started rising in tides. The pavilions were filled with support for the contenders from each of the clubs. The day continued with the beginning of events ranging from rifle shooting and rugby to basketball, football, cricket, charades, swimming and the triathlon.“Quest”, a race across Colombo, was also a part of these events. Separate competition categories were held for boys’ and girls’ for all sports, for the two Interaction Shields in these categories.

As the competitions of the event flared in all directions, it was apparent that it helped in the socializing aspects as well. Interactors from diverse clubs got the chance to create bonds and connections on a special memorable day. This shows that the benefits of “Interaction” goes far and beyond just athletic ability, but to in fact, interacting.

“The Interact Club, gives us the opportunity to Interact, as well as to take part in sports, because sports-related abilities will also be enhanced. I think it’ll be a great help for the future generations and also the present generation as well.”

~ Int. Samaka Lasan, Interact Club of Nalanda College

After an exhilarating friendly cricket match of the District Council Vs. Interaction committee came to an end in a draw, the Grounds’ Day of “Interaction” concluded with the Interact Clubs of Ananda College and Colombo North leading in their respective categories in the fierce and breathtaking battle for the shields.

Day 02

Beach day of Interaction MMXVIII came to life on December 16, 2017, at the Mount Lavinia Beach.

The Interactors return to the field of battle, regardless of previous weather foreshadowing, in hopes of turning the tide towards their home club, hoping to keep their clubs’ spot on the top or to take it to the top. With a fantastic turn up of people at the event, under the smart and thoughtful guidance of the organizing committee, the event took off successfully.

“The atmosphere here today is filled with energy and we can expect a lot of competitive spirit from all the clubs participating.”Interaction Committee

Regardless of people being from different clubs from different areas, everybody came together under their status as Interactors as the day was spent socializing, competing and making memories with each other. The passion of Interactors who dead set on earning the pride of taking the ‘Interaction’ shield to their clubs were clearly seen on their faces.

A diverse set of sports were planned out to take place on the Beach Day of ‘Interaction’, and it was clear that everything went according to plan as the events unfolded. Although small time and company related issues caused minor inconveniences that may have affected the event, it was clear that the unity and teamwork of the committee held strong against adversity and made them appear almost non-existent.

The day started off with Beach Kabaddi and Beach Football, giving everyone a fresh start to the day filled with teamwork and commitment for their teams and giving off a competitive vibe. Beach rugby and Tug of war took place straight afterwards, amplifying the team spirit held by the wonderful Interactors as they continued their struggle to end up on top and take home the Grand Prize; the ‘Interaction’ Shield.

It took everyone by surprise when the beach rugby and tug of war matches started giving a flaming atmosphere of excitement, when all Interactors gathered around to cheer. It was heartwarming to see support for the players coming not only from their home clubs, but from neighboring clubs, showing that ‘Interaction’ can be a place that unifies all Interact Clubs into one big family under its’ name.

“It’s a great opportunity for all the Interactors to come together- well, they DO come together and do projects and all but, here, they come out and compete against each other, and we all play to win. Interaction is a great opportunity for all the Interactors to come and bond together and also for the people who come to watch it.”

~Himadri Mayadunne, Secretary of ICCN.

When the sunset on the beach that Saturday, Interaction MMXVIII drew to a close with two clubs announced victorious at a stunning Awards Ceremony. The Interact Club of St. Peters’ College and The Interact Club of Colombo North came out as champions and were awarded the shields of ‘Interaction’ as a trophy of their hard-earned victory.

“Some of these sports we might not know, but then you learn about the rules and the regulations and to experience new things and it’s a great opportunity for everyone. It’s a really good way of enjoying your time as well as making new friends and learning to accept victory and defeat.”

~Kalinga Dissanayake: St. Paul’s College. (Interactor)