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New talent in town, Maestro in RnB

How did DKM come into the music industry?

I studied in two colleges. Ananda Sastralaya, Kotte till my ordinary levels and Mahanama College, Colombo 03, till my advanced levels. I was a Hip Hop dancer.. When I stepped into Mahanama College, I realized that I had a hidden talent. That is ‘Singing’. Then I participated in events at my school as a singer. And I knew that I will have a good future in music apart from my studies. So from then on I started singing, recording covers and recording my own music. I did covers in English mostly. My best friend Sahan Wickaramarachchi, has been with me since school. He directs all my music videos and he is a famous Cinematographer in Sri Lanka. We started doing covers and making music and videos. After that I met one of my best friends YAKA aka Hemaka Wijeratne, A famous and a talented music producer in Sri Lanka. I would say the most talented music producer. So the three of us together made many songs, and many videos. Most of them in English. We were generating a small fan base for our own music. So now it’s been 5 years since we started doing this. We are still growing and still experimenting.

Who helped you throughout your journey?

My mom and dad support me very much. My dad was the one who gave me money for my 1st music video. At first he didn’t like the fact that I was into music and neither did my mom. But after a while when they saw me doing well in music, they supported me without saying anything. But my dad passed away last year. I hope that he is in a good place now. My mom still supports me with everything. Plus my extended family. Apart from my family, my friends from school and friends on facebook.

Throughout your journey, who did you work with?

First I worked at Dushyanth Weeraman’s studio as a manager. Then I moved on with myLuca Dayz who is an artiste from Germany. After that I worked as a manager at Iraj’s studio. Now I’m doing my own business and continuing my music career.

How’s your present music?

I released my new single/music video ‘Himikariye’ on YouTube which was produced by YAKA (Hemaka Wijeratne) & directed by Sahan Wickaramarachchi. Many people helped me in this project. I don’t think I could mention everyone who supported me in this, I will need another article. He smiles

How’s the feedback from your fans?

I don’t have that much of a big fan base J. But who are in it, are loyal. They support us so much. I love my fans and we do many new things for them. And we will keep on doing it. There are few people who say that our music doesn’t match Sri Lanka and it doesn’t go with the culture. What we do is different, but we are trying to make something out of it and to make it big in Sri Lanka.

What are your future plans in music?

From the start my dreams was to go International. Still we are experimenting music and still we are on the way there. It’s a long way. But it’s worth trying. Me & YAKA’s dream is to get signed to a major record label in the world. For now we have got some opportunities and appreciations. But we are still waiting for the right deal. So in the future we will do many new things. We have already done 2 more songs and videos too to be released on 2018. Keep in touch with us.

What are your future plans in life?

Well I’m trying to go abroad and continue my studies. Going to stop music for a little time and will come back soon. One of my dreams is to work for an International Entertainment company. I’m on my way to make it a success. So we’ll see in the future. So those are my future plans.