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Who is the Perfect Boy for You?

1.First off, what type of boy do you THINK you are most attracted to?

* Shy Nerdy Boys
* Outgoing Athletic Boys
* Funny Hyperactive Boys
* Mysterious Bad Boys

2. What hair/eye/complexion combination are you most attracted to?

* Brown Hair/Hazel Eyes/Mixed Race
* Light Brown Hair/Dark Brown Eyes/Tan Skin
* Dirty Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes/Pale Skin
* Dark Brown Hair/Green Eyes/Pale Skin

3. What personality trait do you most look for when finding a boyfriend?

* Good Sense of Humor
* Intelligence
* Mysterious Demeanor
* Outgoing Nature

4. What trait that may seem negative are you secretly attracted to?

* Excessive Flirting
* Hyperactivity
* Rebelliousness
* Shyness

5.What kind of style would you want your boyfriend to have?

* Fashionable but Casual
* Casual and Clean
* Hoodies, Ripped Jeans, and Flat Cap
* Sporty and Casual

6. What is a deal breaker when you are looking for a boyfriend?

* Running with the Wrong Crowd
* Having too much energy
* Partying
* Shyness

7. Which description best describes your personality?

* Sporty and Fun
* Funny and Excitable
* Kind and Smart
* Rebellious and Easy-Going

8.Which description best describes your personal style?

* Casual and Nerdy
* Casual and Sporty
* Edgy and Different
* Fashionably Unique

9.How would you want your boyfriend to ask you out?

* After a class of laughing and joking
* In the spur of the moment, while cutting class
* At a party with dozens of other people
* In the library, after he helped you with homework

10. And lastly, what type of first name seems most attractive to you?

* Traditional and Short, like Jack, Ben, or Alex
* Biblical and Cool, like Isaac, Noah, or Levi
* Cute and Preppy, like Hudson, Beckett, or Emerson
* Youthful and Fun, like Jordan, Logan, or Ethan

Your answers

You Got: Ben!

Ben is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but hysterically funny as well. He is truly amazing, and everyone who meets him falls in love, even though he can be a little bit hyper. Whenever you’re with him, you pee yourself laughing. He does well in school, sports, and everything else, but really he is devoted to you and nothing else. He is incredibly loyal, and although he prides himself with having the ability to make absolutely anyone laugh, he truly has eyes for you and only you.

You Got: Emerson!

Emerson is a beautiful nerd with a heart of gold. He is incredibly loyal to you and would do anything for you. Sure, he’s a little shy, but trust, in private he has an adorably bubbly personality. A scholar student, Emerson loves to curl up with a good book, but don’t worry, he’s as handsome as he is intelligent.

You Got: Levi!

Levi is a stereotypical bad-boy, but don’t worry, he loves you unconditionally and would do anything for you. Although he may skip a couple classes and smoke a little weed, Levi is a good boy, regardless of his sometimes cold exterior and countless piercings. He is truly a catch, and while he may not be the type to bring home to your mother, he is honestly beautiful inside and out.

You Got: Jordan!

Jordan is an amazing athlete with an infectiously outgoing personality. Every guy wants to be him, and every girl wants to be with him. Luckily, you are the only girl he has eyes for, and he would fight anyone in order to protect you. Sure, he may be a serial flirt, but honestly, he loves you unconditionally.