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Marā and the SAITM somersault

Mara is a funny man. He has been providing jokes for all and sundry during the past three years. But, guess what the biggest joke is ? The “ No, no, it was not me it was them” joke, Siripala thinks.

So this time, like many times before, he put his foot in the mouth again telling the powers that be “ Sort SAITM out “ . Yeah, well my friend it wouldn’t have been anything to sort out if he had done the right thing at the start isn’t it ?

Instead, he said, “yes machang” to this one and “yes machang” to the other and now we have the circus that is SAITM as a result of, you know who .

Mano and the underworld

Mano boy is known to be a principled man. At least until he became a ministerial type isn’t it ? And now all of a sudden he is saying “ My God, the underworld “ and asking for STF protection .

Ane manda. He found no need for all of this when he was fighting on the street from that small room in wella, mingling and hobnobbing with everyone who cared to say, ‘hello how are you’ .

But now what a change no. “I can’t meet the people who elected me without protection.” Aneyda kiyanne. I say, this is what happens to all our politicos no. They forget what brought them into power in the first place. Power they say corrupts, but this protection is some next level corruption no.

But, how could you only blame him men ? Who doesn’t like their doors to be opened and a salute put each time they get out of their duty free permit vehicles? Who doesn’t no.

Mithuru - Lion cracks the whip

It is a known fact that politics makes strange bedfellows isn’t it. But seldom have we heard that sports make bed fellows strange or otherwise. One day he was Hathuru and now he is Mithuru- Singha is the man.

Paradisians would remember that it wasn’t long ago that Singha became Hathuru and was given marching orders by the powers that be. 2010 that was, when he was unceremoniously kicked out. Nishantha was the big wig at the time telling the likes of Mahela and Sanga how to hold a bat and how to play the backfoot drive. What a joke that was no!!.

Sanga and Mahela pleaded and begged. “ keep this man for God’s sake, he is good”, they screamed, to no avail. And Hathuru became Hathuru. He had to pack his bags and leave, only to be the gain for the Tigers. Chi chi not those Tigers men, the Bengali Tigers.

Now, everyone had to go on their bended knees to welcome him back and here he is. First things first he told everyone “ you want to listen to music go home”. Now Siripala doesn’t think that was a fair call at all. Obviously, we don’t live in the 90s where you need a big radio to listen to music no. That’s now a way of relaxation. To plug two ear buds and pretend the world doesn’t exist.

But none of that for our new Mithuru. My rules and my way he said, and all the boys have meekly surrendered. The boys will, only the big wigs won’t. Let’s see how this new Mithuru stays in this uneven, and bouncing pitch that is Paradise Cricket.

Wilpaththu, Oh Wilpaththu !

So its a damn shame to say it, but what these Bodu Bala types have been saying has some truth no. The boy from Mannar had not only got land released, he had settled people in the land around the forest who weren’t in need of any land.

His political project it was, and what a damn shame, that the only thing we Paradisians still call ours- the greenery was taken down.

The Auditor General’s report is out and like it happens in Lanka, nothing seems to be done about it. What a shame.

If only they own up and everyone promises to plant 20 trees, that Siripala thinks would settle the score. Just move the people back to a place where they could earn a living no men, why put them in the jungle just so that they could register as voters in the area?

Alas though, politicians think no further than votes in this country no, and people don’t think further than tomorrow. So they all seem to be happy, only next time nature plays a dirty trick on all of us that we will scream and say “ damn you Rishard why did you do this”.