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Resolutions for our leaders

Unsolicited, unrequested, very probably unpopular and censured, this cat makes New Year resolutions for those up there who govern us. I don’t mean God Almighty or Brahma or the Devas, but the human beings, some of whom have elevated themselves to god level, and rule us, poor humble human beings in this delightful Paradise now called Sri Lanka.

Good old times

A new year invariably, along with ear-splitting crackers, mind mangling alcohol and good eating, brings on the idea of resolutions – I wills and I won’ts for the new twelve months within sight. This cat was one feline who made resolutions every 31st night. Time was when she was in a group that celebrated the last night of each year for about ten of them and welcomed the New Year in with much drinking, singing and happy togetherness, either in a hotel when it was possible to afford a 31st night dinner-dance or at a house party. Much noise and kissing and hugging occurred as Relentless Father Time sent the old year packing and presented a new one to Mother Earth. Yes, there were the quarrels as a man paid particular attention to a woman not his wife or partner, but soon forgotten in the riotous welcome as the clock struck twelve.

Now, the bones are old; the partner gone; and New Year welcomed usually alone with the aged cat reclining on her sofa watching others celebrating and listening to the cacophony of crackers, bells and sirens of ships in the Colombo harbour. No more resolutions either. Nothing to resolve about. No more vowing against jealousy; no more wishing the other had been married to; no more regretting frivolousness that prevented higher studies; no promising to watch the rupees and save for that inevitable old age. It has arrived but no matter. Age has its benefits. Hence this cat, this 31st night, makes resolutions for the high and mighty.

I wills and I won’ts for others

The President has had an extra trying time this last year with scams exploding in his face. Divorce must be much in his mind, if not actually in view. He is reported to have said his marriage with the Greens is going to be over mid-term of the period unity vows were made for. He must not however forget the dowry of votes his UNP partner brought him when he contested that Big Un who he said would have put him and his entire family six feet under if he had lost. So the resolutions for him are not to be led by Blue stalwarts of the likes of Ass Bee and Tubby Siripala and not to shake hands with the Ex Prez and least of all exchange a make-up kiss. It might turn out to be a kiss of death! He had better not change partners. He wants to go it alone and be all Blue. OK. But we cats and dogs voted for a combination of Blue and Green so let the marriage hold till 2020 and let both Parties try their best to keep in mind the peasants who are the backbone of the country. This cat does not mean only the paddy cultivator of Polonnaruwa or the chena cultivator of the driest Dry Zone or the gem miner in Ratnapura, but all the people of this country. Let him resolve to put country before Party. At least, we trust him and respect him for not putting himself before country as his predecessor did.

The Prime Minister must most certainly resolve to cease being so true and faithful to friends and give such consideration to the college tie. He should have learnt his bitter lesson by backing his pal the Ex Gov of the CB, which might turn bitterer with the advice to be delivered by the Prez Commission that studied the Bond Business, in a couple of days. He should maintain his poise and intolerance for fools and his humour that lesser humans censure in him. He is one of the most mature politicians in that House by the Diyawanna having been tutored by the old Fox, JRJ who manoeuvred matters so cleverly and studied the ruthlessness of R. Premadasa. He was PM to Madame President, so he may have learnt lessons of not to do this and that from her. He must take note of gossip going around that he prevents cases of corruption and even murder coming to judgmental conclusion with regard to the Rajapaksa Clan and their followers. Cats spit out that he thinks of his continued safety before anything else, hence the secretive hand of friendship extended to the R-s. This feline does not believe so. Who, other than a blood brother or offspring, can trust the wily politician waiting in the wings to wrest power from the Maithree one by foul means since fair means seem out of reach.

And so to the Ex Prez. Resolve to retire to the newly created walauwe in Medamulana, sit on any laurels sincerely earned, not self- crowned with. Retire from the rumble tumble and hurly burly of active politics and form a private company R… and Bros Ltd. and not aim at regaining power. Realize that absolute power will never return; people are wiser and have tasted freedom, transparency and independence.

To all Ministers of State. Resolve to expend all energies on serving the people whose votes elevated them to positions of power. Serve all alike; those who voted for or against you. Stop asking for larger limousines and keep hands clean. Drive away sycophants.

To rioting men in saffron robes. Discard them and be man enough to come fight the police, leap barricades, vault over walls clad in your true garb – thugs’ pants or sarong.

To the GMOA. For the sake of the noble oath laid down by Hippocrates, stop striking work and killing poor patients wilfully when saving lives is what the public paid for your medical education. Also, let others who can pay, pay for medical education in this country without having parents sell their all to send them to medical colleges in Russia, Bangladesh and wherever.

To the public. Resolve to constantly have under scrutiny those the public pay for and voted for. In the first instance, vote sensibly those who are educated, seem incorruptible and appear to want to serve the country. While being vigilant, for goodness sake, stop whining at every turn. Those in power are also human so give them space and time to serve you and the nation.

This cat resolves to continue spitting venom at misdeeds of those in power and purring when some good is done. Criticism has to go hand in hand with appreciation. She hopes she finds favour with you.

And so, a very prosperous and trouble free 2018 to all of you!