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Website launch a boost for Tennis

President of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association launching the website for the SLTA watched by Suresh Subramaniam and Zarina Raheem.
President of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association launching the website for the SLTA watched by Suresh Subramaniam and Zarina Raheem.

Sri Lanka Tennis Association launched its website on 27th December at its premises with the theme as ‘Digitization of National Sports Structure’ which is a concept initiated by President of SLTA Iqbal Bin Issack.

President Iqbal Bin Issack speaking to media said that this website will be of great importance to all tennis players and its fans to greater level. The inauguration of this site also sets a new record for Sri Lanka Tennis as it will be of great value to all players all round the country. The website is also to help other countries and World governing bodies, Asian and South Asian countries to have a fair knowledge of the tennis in our country.

It will also give these bodies to rank our players according to their performances that will be forwarded through the site. The tournament organizers in other countries are sure to follow the website and get the opportunity to invite our players for tournaments organized by these organizations said the president.

In the local scene it will help the players from outstations who had to face difficulties when forwarding their entries for tournaments as they are inconvenienced when traveling to SLTA. With the introduction of the site all players can send in their entries sans any difficulties. The President also thanked the Vice President Suresh Subramaniam for taking steps to digitize every aspect of game and SLTA Administration.

Suresh Subramiam the Vice President speaking said that all Tennis players irrespective of age categories are required to register themselves to gain access to the website. On getting registered their standards will be updated weekly which will be of great importance for them to find their skills from which they can clarify the standings.

Especially the young Players will get the opportunity of finding out their standing s which will encourage them to raise their standards.

Subramaniam further added that Sri Lanka is the first South Asian country and the second Asian country to introduce the website specially meant for the improvement of Tennis in the region.

All players are requested to register themselves by paying a fee of Rs. 1500. The website was launched by the President of the SLTA. Soon after the launch the President registered himself as the first person to be registered on the website offering a sum of Rs. 250,000 for his registration.

At present the website can be activated on using (register players). According to the SLTA Secretary Pradeep Gunesekera the above website is to change in two weeks time and all users will be notified in due course of the new website.