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Short film screening at The Sooriya Village

The Cloven Foot by Hilusha Hewage depicts the duality of nature, begun with the coalition of the human and the creation. At the end, a demon is created and destruction is evident. Song of the Innocent by Dhananjaya Bandara is about a group of senior students who are ragging a group of freshers. One of the freshers reaches the tipping point and he cannot handle the situation anymore.

Traumatic memory of this experience leads him to a psychological breakdown. This is the story of his breakdown which is only one of many reported in the Island every day.

Prabudhdha Danushka by making The Incomplete Verses has skillfully portrayed the struggles of disability. A mute person who has been a lost soul finally realizes his true worth and depth.

He is, however, not alone at home. There is an elderly woman, who is also in a void of her own.

A Story Nobody Cares About by Thisara Mangala Bandara is about a man who shows a photo of another man and asks whether he had seen him.

He says, this person came to him a while ago with a story written by him. Although he has gone missing since, the story is still with him. He tells the story of how a boy nobody-cared- about from a country nobody-cared- about became someone people do care about. Dragonfly Scream by Sumudu Athukorala is about a young Tamil who works as a garbage collector at The Municipal Council. After discovering unauthorized weapons from the garbage dump site police take Raveendran into custody.

The story unfolds from there taking strange twists and turns and becomes a completely enthralling experience to watch.

The Sooriya Village, located in the heart of Colombo at No 49 Skelton Road Colombo 5, provides amenities such as, rehearsal suits, a top gear recording studio, library and research services, a tech-based lecture room and a restaurant.

Sooriya’s vision is to provide a facility for artists and art enthusiasts to nurture and explore the culture of arts delivering the best possible service and experience.

The Sooriya Village welcomes vibrant art lovers for a refreshing evening away from the daily hustle and bustle to enjoy local Sri Lankan short films with Art in the Village.