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Smart Tea wins gold at Oscar of ICT

Smart Metro secured the Gold position competing with entries from 16 economies at the APICTA 2017 awards held in December in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The winning award was made under the Retail & Supply Chain category for ‘Smart Tea’.

The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) awards is an international award program commonly known as Oscar of ICT organized by APICTA, which aims to increase ICT awareness and the group representing their respective economies to build and enhance a mutually cooporative network to promote ICT products with new technologies, innovations, capacities, adoption and encourage the development to indigenous ICT solutions for the global market.

Smart Tea is a Tea Leaves Procurement System (TLPS) that helps to maintain the integrity of the procurement of tea leaves.

It is a simple and effective solution introduced to Sri Lankan tea manufacturing factories to automate the process of tea leaf collection.

The system integrates near field communication (NFC) technology for identification process, which eliminates virtual supplier creation to the system by identifying the actual supplier provide leaf to the factories. The system generates a printed receipt to maintain the clarity of the transactions.

Smart Tea is integrated with digital scale, GPS and android app, the digital scale to automatically capture the weight, GPS provides the mapping of the geographical locations of the supplier’s plantations and the android app provides management information on their fingertips.

Smart Tea has managed to eliminate the old British system practiced for the last 150 years and drive the industry towards technology.