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Maara vedey no?

So Jim Pappa finally let the cat out of the bag, or so he thought. Not like the rest of the Paradisians didn’t know. But our main man, Mara was playing his old trick. The trick of the double face.

“ Yes yes you all must vote for pohottuwa ah” he kept screaming. “ Pohottuwa only has my blessings “, and la di da di da. And our fellows don’t you know, can get carried away by the satakey and the moustache no. So they all thought, yes he is the de facto leader of the Pohottu babas.

“ No he’s not even a member men” Jim Pappa had to say in response to some inquisitive journo. Haiyo haiyo, and everyone was dumbstruck. Except of course the likes of Siripala who know only too well, what a master of double games our Sataka Maama is. Wala payai, goda payai, redifined, courtesy Jim Pappa and Sataka Maama.

The JVP starts from the police

So now one of our Rathu Sahodarayas has assaulted a police officer, or so the police claim. Not that we don’t know how the Paradisian police works when it comes to these assault claims no.

Anyway, our Rathu Sahodarayas, may have tried to fasten the impending revolution. They live in a dream world anyway, no. Reading Marx how he was read 50 years ago. Siripala doesn’t think even Fidel was so outdated with Marx as much as our Paradisian revolutionaries are.

Anyway, the Department set up to investigate Criminal acts have taken over the investigation to see how fast the Rathu Sahodaraya wanted to have the revolution. Only thing is we don’t know if he’ll be working on it from the inside or the outside. Welikada, can be a place for these things also ah.

Dayashree and the Malinga conundrum

Our Daya now tries to act all holy and noble doesn’t he? A clear switch from the previous Daya. Someone must’ve told him that he could be the next leader. If not what happened to that man who talks about anything and everything men. Instead now he seems to be the self proclaimed intellectual doesn’t he?.

Only last week he was telling a TV station about how Malinga really showed his “level of education” when he called Dayashree a monkey. Remember the spat they had a few months ago after Daya called our main man a “pot bellied player?”

Anyway, all Siripala has to say is, at least we haven’t had Malinga say one thing and do the other. “ Yes I love Tharanga and will die for him. Mathews is not fit to be a player let alone a captain” and then as soon as Mathews is appointed, he hasn’t been heard saying “ Aise Mathews is the best, Tharanga is a bloody rogue no”.

For all the lack of education, Malinga doesn’t lack integrity, does he. One time SLFP, then UNP, then Mara MP and now? Aneyda kiyanne. Paradisians would take integrity any day over some big talking pseudo intellectualism won’t they? or really, would they?.

The Bond and the Marā regime

So everyone was awaiting the Bond Report and pronto, it was delivered as promised. Only that the report says how the Marā boys also played pandu with the EPF money. The plan was to explode and cry foul against the incumbent regime but that all was in disarray, wasn’t it?.

Why men, our Commissioners told “ check all the transactions since 2008- that is when all the musical chairs were played” and who else was in power playing pandu with the public money. You guessed right, my friend, you guessed right.

The Stench that is the Central Bank

So this boy Pathma from the Central Bank was caught pants down, calling this one and that one, Aloysius and his wife giving them obviously what they wanted to hear from inside the Bank remember? But the Bond Report doesn’t stop at him. It details the actions of the officers of the Central Bank and how corrupt they really must’ve been.

“ Yes machang bid this amount and give 10 million in cash “ must’ve surely been the deal no. For all these years. What a damn shame, what a shame.