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My father is the best

My father is Damayantha Wijaya Sri. He is a Senior Superintendent of Police. He can ride horses very well. My father gave me a remote controlled drone for my tenth birthday. My mother says that he is spoiling me always.

When I was a baby, I used to sleep on his chest. Still I feel the warmth when he hugs me. My father and I love to eat durians. We love to bathe in the sea or river for a long time annoying my mother. My father likes to play with me and my little brother whenever he is free.

My father is a nature lover. He helps others always. I have seen that he is loved by all the people around him. I wish he will reach the highest position in the police department. I am proud to be his son. I love my father very much.

Thevindu Pehesara Wijaya Sri, Grade 5, Holy Cross College, Kalutara.