The sweeter side of Christmas | Sunday Observer

The sweeter side of Christmas

We all know about the history of Christmas, its traditions and festivities. Today we will be focusing on the sweeter side of Christmas. Literally, Christmas goodies are Christmas fruit cake, ginger bread, yule log, plum pudding, you name it! Basically getting stuffed up with sweets is part of Christmas fun and tradition. There are dozens of goodies made for Christmas such as Trifle, Christmas pudding, Mince pie, Danish pastry and Pavlova. Christmas cake is eaten more than any other sweet.

The Japanese Christmas cake or Kurisumasu Keki is a light sponge cake, covered with a thin layer of whipped cream and decorated with ripe strawberries and fresh fruit. Christmas cake began as a plum porridge. People ate to fill their stomachs after a day of fasting. Soon people began adding dry fruits, spices and honey. This turned into a pudding and from there the idea got wings, coming to land as a heavily frosted Christmas cake. Ginger bread is another very popular Christmas sweet. Brownies are a must to have on Christmas Day.

Christmas is not all about traditions and customs, so unwind a little and experience Christmas with a sweet tooth.

Methasa Gihelie, Grade 10, Vidura College, Colombo.