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CHSGA: Annual seasonal get-together

The CHSGA (Ceylon Hotel School Graduates’ Association held its year-end seasonal get-together, an annual event that attracts members to participate along with their families and friends, to bring about goodwill among CHSGA’s large membership, and as a gesture towards contributing to the many charitable projects the association carries out regularly, and upgrading projects related to the hospitality industry.

In addition to the entertainment and merry making, the current President of CHSGA Samantha Gunaratne along with Vice President – Priyal Perera distributed toys for kids under a different concept where the members’ kids were handed over toys to re-present them to their lesser fortunate friends living in their negbourhood.

It was aimed at making children aware of their lesser fortunate counterparts and teach them the goodness of being generous by sharing what

they have – from a very early stage in life.

Pictures here show the evenings proceedings in a nutshell.