Work on Kamburupitiya bus stand at snail’s pace | Sunday Observer

Work on Kamburupitiya bus stand at snail’s pace

Work on the proposed Kamburupitiya new Public Central Bus Stand project has being progressing at snail pace, residents say.

According to a senior official attached to Kamburupitiya Pradeshiya Sabha construction work on it was inaugurated in early 2014 by the previous administration.

It is a two storied building complex which includes a fully-fledged shopping complex, offices for Sri Lanka Transport Board officials and private bus operators, rest rooms for clergy and laity with power, water and sanitation facilities. Even though construction activities of the bus stand is almost complete work on the bus stand yard and the adjacent public lavatory complex are still underway.

In view of the inordinate delay of the completion of these remaining construction activities relating to bus station project the currently deserted newly constructed building complex has now been a notorious haunting place for vagrants, anti social elements, stray dogs and cattle as well. According to residents during adverse weather conditions people have to undergo many hardships.

The project which is estimated to cost is Rs.115 million is funded by the Pura Neguma National Development Project and the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government and the Kamburupitiya Pradeshiya Sabha.

Affected people therefore emphazised the urgent need of speedy consummation of the rest of the construction work of the proposed new Kamburupitiya public station project and vest the same in the public ownership very soon.