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A New Year message to young parents

New Year officially opens its doors for kids, for their education. They are thrilled to be part of this exciting new chapter in their lives and much more - the anxious young parents to witness the first step in the education of their off-spring. It is with great enthusiasm that they exhibit their interest in the future of their children. It is no secret that they muster their whole might to make their children comfortable, safe and bright.

Let the mother be a competent coach who knows the finer points of his or her behaviour. Let the child know that the school is important to him, and both parents too. Importance and value of reading From early years reading should be emphasized which is essential for the physical as well as mental well being. It is at this stage of life the child develops the reading habit. A child acquires the basis for future development of reading from his anxiety for the stories offered to him by the parents.

They should use their brains to improve their reading habits, stimulate and arouse their imagination. Always ensure that they get the required amount of sleep, nourishing diet and good food habits. Always create a healthy environment for their upbringing.

Tell the child how he can help others, show them how to use things sparingly and to share with others. Let him give his excess food and clothes to someone in need. Let someone borrow his school stationery and feel happy.

Teach them not to disturb others when engaged in work. Above all, train them to attend to their religious performances regularly before setting out for school. Do not fail to see that he is dressed properly to suit the school requirements, and do not encourage absenteeism from school. Always make them aware that school takes first place. Teach them how to respect the teachers, etc. at school. Know your child’s teachers and build up a rapport and mutual understanding that makes communication easy to discuss your child’s progress in the academic field. Always try to be an active participant in school activities and help the child’s Alma Mater.

At home, set apart time to discuss school activities, and time for play, and help him in his homework. Don’t expect perfection, but explore his talents and skills and guide him to achieve his goal. Build up a relationship, so that he would come to you for advice and guidance.

There are fussy kids and those who cry and make their early school life a misery. It is the duty of the parents to make the child look forward to his first day in school and psychologically prepare in advance to have a positive outlook.

The effort to discipline children should always begin at home. Use your wisdom and investigate the reality of life to make them fit into their future with ease. Coach them when they grow up to ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Let them be aware of global goals, gradually. Parents are the ones to lead them to victory and defeat, success and failure. Keep guiding them through all times.

You are the guiding stars of your children puttavattu Manussanang.