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Young Soloists’ and Composers’ Concert 2018

The annual Young Soloists’ and Composers’ concert is scheduled to be held in mid July 2018. Many top level Sri Lankan musicians performing, both, nationally and internationally have had their first solo performance with an orchestra at this annually held concert.

The concerts, in addition to setting standards for young musicians to aspire to, provide a platform for emerging outstanding talent to be showcased before a discerning musical audience.

Talented instrumentalists under the age of thirty are invited to apply to take part in competitive auditions. Applicants are expected to perform a complete concerto from the standard repertoire for the audition.

Singers under the age of 35 may apply to perform a program of approximately 15 minutes consisting of selections from opera and/or oratorio from the standard repertoire written originally for voice and orchestra. All works must be performed in the original key they were written in. Any queries regarding the works should be submitted well before the closing date so that all correspondence regarding the repertoire can be finalized by the closing date.

Composers under the age of 35 as at the closing date are required to submit the full score of a composition of five to 15 minutes written for orchestra, along with a CD providing a digital realization of the score.

All applications giving details of the works to be performed should be forwarded to the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka, No. 15, Police Park Avenue, Colombo 5. The closing date for applications is January 31 2018. Auditions will be held towards the end of March 2018.