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Abans unveils wi-fi washing machines

Abans has recently unveiled a new range of LG Wi-Fi Inverter washing machines for the first time ever in Sri Lanka. Encompassing a unique compilation of Wi-Fi technology and energy-efficient features, the LG Wi-Fi Inverter washing machine is the perfect solution for homeowners who desire to lessen the stress and burden of their laundry chores.

What makes the LG Wi-Fi Inverter washing machine stand out from the rest is the LG Smart Thinq function. Operating as an app that you can easily download from Google Play or Apple App Store, the LG Smart Thinq technology allows you to remotely conduct your laundry tasks using just your smartphone.

How it works is that you just have to load your clothes into the washing machine and press the “remote start” button. Once you head off to work, the park or grocery store, you can open up the Smart Thinq app, tap on “start”, and select your preferred wash cycle.

Additionally, the Smart Thinq App includes the Smart Diagnosis feature that lets you resolve minor technical issues without having to call a technician. The app also allows you to monitor and keep track of your energy usage during a wash cycle.

This washing machine range possesses the innovative Inverter Direct Drive. Unfettered by extra parts such as a belt or pulley, the Inverter Direct Drive directly transfers to the drum which keeps your laundry moving seamlessly and provides more precise control.

The other salient feature present in the LG Wi-Fi Inverter Washing Machine series is six Motion Direct Drive, which protects your clothes from getting shrunk and stretched during a wash. The 6 Motion DD feature enables the drum to adapt its performance according to fabric type and wash load from a combination of six motions.