BOC introduces Smart Fixed Deposit Account | Sunday Observer

BOC introduces Smart Fixed Deposit Account

The Bank of Ceylon introduced a more convenient mode of saving and to encourage green banking through the Bank’s newest product Smart FD. With introduced of Smart FD, customers are able to open, withdraw or cancel Fixed Deposit more conveniently without having to visit the branch. Customers who are above the age of 18 can open Smart FDs individually or jointly.

After the customer fills in the details and select the tenor as mentioned in the application, he/she can submit the application to any branch he/she wishes.

Since ‘Smart FD’ does not compromise of a physical certificate, customers will receive the e-mail confirmation to the provided email address and SMS to given telephone number.

The depositors do not need to worry about protecting the certificate or producing the certificate to bank at maturity. Opening and closing of Smart FDs can be done simply by giving instructions to any BOC branch.

“The Bank’s approach to cater to the very dynamic banking needs of its customer base has been the key factor behind BOC brand’s 78-year-long success. Since its inception in 1939, Bank of Ceylon’s motive was the same as promoting social and economic development of the country and its people. As such the bank has been strategically adapting its products and services portfolio with the understanding of future social and economic trends that requires tailor-made banking and financial services” stated the Chairman, Ronald C. Perera.

D.M. Gunasekera, the General Manager Bank of Ceylon stated that “BOC’s digital transformation completely changed the bank’s internal processes along with its customer interface and infused synergy to the whole Sri Lankan banking system. Along with the benefits of digital transformation BOC was able to embark on a sustainable growth together with the community. We have many ‘Green Banking’ programs which with digital technology infused transformation have introduced green processes, product and services and also strategies and green infrastructure”.

In line with the BOC’s process of automation and digitalisation of business processes, to provide more convenience to its customers, recently the Bank has added personal and home loans online applying facility to its website. The Bank expects to add Accounts Opening and complaints handling also to its website soon.

The Bank expects to introduce a new Internet Banking platform and a mobile banking solution within the year. Recently the Bank has launched its e-passbook ‘Smart Passbook’.

As part of Green Banking initiatives, the Bank is also carrying a raffle draw to encourage all customers to enrol for e-statements.