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Play the devil, with the bottle,

freedom in the Bar

Aise, Desmond De Silva must be putting a good shot cheering our Paradisians, no. Siripala doesn’t think he had any idea that one day his “ Sumihiri Paaney” would actually be as “Sumihiri” as it sounds today, isn’t it?.

What men, even in this country, no one goes to the bar at 9 in the morning, and who else except one of these ruffians is able to get a bottle before 9, ah?. Nonsense, no.

But we put up with nonsense, where other civilized countries slowly do away with nonsense.

For once though, we can raise a glass and give three cheers to our Mangy boy for thinking like the common man and saying “ aise, open the bar till ten men”. If not you see the big polima come 8.45, no? All the Jhonny come lates are lined up trying to get to the counter before 9.

Now so there is time for a good tipple, to put a nice “ Sumihiri Paaney, padamata gahala” session and raise a glass in cheer to everyone who made the 10 possible. Ha!

A habit, is a habit, is a habit.

So acting like ones who have had more than their fare share of the Sumihiri Paaney are the Joint Boys in Parliament, no. All the time, when in power and out of power, they don’t seem like they’ve smoked a joint. Instead, they always try to put on their best Padama behaviour.

Last week was no exception, no. Throwing books, bottles and hands when the Premier was trying to make a valid point about the Commission Report.

“ Ado, aise, tho maranawa!” were the words we hear. Paradisians have heard these things before, we’ve heard them, only difference is when we heard them before, we were actually frightened. Can’t say with these jokers, no. To kill meant nothing. Only this time, fire was met with fire and they got a good dose of their own padama.

No to marking time- Now it’s the nurses

Can you believe it ah? employees put a big strike against using a finger print machine to take their entry and exit times and the nurses no less- went on strike. Yes, only in Lanka men, can they do this AND succeed.

Haiyo salli. The fact that all of these people are paid to work a certain time, by the tax payers’ money never gets into their heads, no. “ Give us more, give us more, screw the patient, we need more” seems the chant, which unfortunately seems to succeed.

What a shame, machang, what a shame!!

Wimaley fires again

Haiyo, thummulle wimaley fires and breathes fire only to later realize that no one seems to be bothered about his fires, no?. For the millionth time the boys shouted his throat hoarse in Kaduwela.

“ Only our man is going to be elected Mayor of Kaduwela “ he screamed. Aneyda kiyanne, last time he screamed his throat hoarse he got a hiding. From who? Someone his daddy’s age, our boy Buddhadhasa,

He got a hiding so bad, Siripala was told that Wimaley didn’t sight Kaduwela for a year after that.

So, the next time I guess when we will see Wimaley in Kaduwela will be February 2019, no.

Caby boy says “ Take me”

Guess who now joins the Bond party? our very own CIMA governor- Caby. “ I am willing to face any commission” he had said. Obviously, no men, he is willing to face any commission because the boy knows that he didn’t leave a paper trail, and even if he did, he can shout “ revenge, revenge”.

What Siripala wants to ask Caby boy is this. Why on earth was his sister sitting pretty on that Aloysius boy’s board? Couldn’t be because Aloysius needed a top professional who happened to be the Governor’s sister, no? We have seen and heard enough of how Aloysius operates, with penthouses here and phone calls in the midnight there, no.

So what really was she doing there ah? How about getting the minutes of the board meetings in which she sat and see if she really sat in any?

Or was it just a phone call, “ hallo, I’m Caby girl here, what’s the rate machang” her job role? we’ll see, we’ll see.