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Ranjan Anandappa - 1st Month Remembrance

Always willing to help others

Thank you The Holy Trinity, Mother Mary, St. Joseph and all the angels and saints for blessing, protecting, guiding and preserving our beloved dad’s soul on earth for 24,857 days (68 years, one month and six days). As Roman Catholics, we hope and pray that dad will earn eternal life and that mother, nangi and I will be able to meet him in heaven someday. Dad was a dutiful and a responsible husband and father.

He was born on All Saints day in the year 1949. He was a patient, kind, generous, and humble person who loved sports and music. Dad was able to win the hearts of many, with his soft spoken voice and friendly nature, always willing to help others.

We thank Almighty God for protecting dad on January 31 1996 when the devastating Central Bank bomb blast occurred and a ceiling fan that fell, just avoided falling on his head. I was just 13 years then, and my younger sister eleven. Once again God protected my dad in 1999 when a roof came down at our Kotahena house when he was on it. Yet again, in early 2000, mother and father, returning from visiting my sick grandmother were almost knocked down by a big container, when almighty God saved them.

Six a.m. on December 7, 2017, brought a lot of emptiness into our lives, when dad left us from this world. Dad never wished to worry anybody during his lifetime, and always did everything by himself. He had even handed over a substantial amount of cash to mother, just before his death.

Dad was a left arm, medium, fast bowler and represented Ananda College Colombo and later, played for Colombo Colts Sports Club. He was a first class cricket umpire and released a few songs in English and Sinhalese. Dad represented De Mazenod College in Basketball before joining Ananda College. He played Basketball ( Junior Nationals), and also held a record in putt shot and achieved at John Tarbett athletic meet.

Dad always planned out things well so that his family did not have to struggle at the time of special occasions. He understood his duties as a husband and as a father and tried to live a good Christian life.

Dad constantly advised nangi and me to be brave and good human beings, and was more like a close friend to us. Whenever in difficulty we had his fatherly affection showered on us.

May his soul rest in peace and reach heaven soon.

Roshan Anandappa (son) on behalf of Christine (wife), Rochelle (daughter), Devan (son-in-law), Rusheni (daughter-in-law), and baby Roneysha (grandson)

Dinusha Fernando

She touched the lives of everyone

Our youngest daughter Dinusha was a gift from God on January 13 1987 to us and to her elder sister Hirusha and brother Hirushke. Dinu’s earthly journey was only 10,606 days as she was called back to her eternal home two years ago, on January 15 2016 just one night after her 29th birthday.

Her life journey is a story of amazing faith, endurance and love. She had incurable SLE to begin with and later on her kidneys failed and then her main heart valve was damaged. She felt the worst was behind her.

It seems she was wrong. Following the heart surgery, Dinu had a stroke. As if it wasn’t enough, she contacted swine flu and then pneumonia. The last thing she needed was to find a lump in her breast, but that’s exactly what happened. Throughout Dinu’s earthly journey she knew that God was her rock and only He could heal her of pain.

The days were very dark for my little Dinu. Every movement caused her agonizing pain. It was as if she knew she would be here only for a short time, and wanted her family to know that she loved them. Her love for God was always evident and shone like a bright light on those dark days.

It was 1991 and time for Dinu to join school. We already had two elder children in prestigious schools and the fees were definitely heavy for us at the time. I was determined, and worked every job I could find to make sure our youngest girl, was able to join her sister at Ladies’ College, Colombo.

Dinu became a studious, beautiful young girl, but never lost that fun-loving spirit she was born with. She also never lost her kind soul or her faith. In 2006 she completed her A/Ls and received great results and with an A pass for Business Statistics, and got a good job in a leading travel company.

She loved her work and her work mates. On the March 31, 2009, Dinu’s trial period at her job was supposed to be completed and she thought she would receive a confirmation letter for long-term employment. Instead, she received a letter that stated, “Services are no longer required.”

It crushed Dinu, she became sad and distraught and cried for weeks.

Four months after that, in July, 2009, Dinu started complaining of pain in her joints, and in August, she was diagnosed with incurable SLE…Lupus disease. Although she was incredibly sick, she was a brave girl with a strong will and a mind of her own. She began praying and was able to find her another job which would help support the family and pay for her medical expenses. Dinusha caught Chamara’s eye while working in this place. He had seen this beautiful girl and just had to talk to her. Dinu, was totally honest with him, and told him about her Lupus which was in remission at the time. On December 17, 2012, I was watching her as we walked down the aisle of Golden Rose Hotel, reminiscing the first time I saw her walk. As she walked down the aisle holding my arm, she sang the words, “How can I Say Thanks for the Things You have Done.”

Things were looking good for the young couple until May 9, 2014. Dinu returned from work that day complaining of pain in her abdomen and spine. Tragedy struck the family when we learned that both her kidneys had failed. In March, 2015, we were told she needed to have a kidney transplant.

Dinu didn’t let these new and trying circumstances change any aspect of character or her life. Though she herself was sick and in pain, she took time to visit if a friend or relative was sick. Though she was in need, she was always there to help others when needed. Dinu’s Bible theme verse was Col 4:2 “Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving.”

Dinu knew that only God can strengthen, support, and protect her. Though she was a young girl of 28, she was able to show the way for both the young and the old.

Her beautiful life showed the example of how to live and glorify God, and journey in faith amid intense suffering. I learnt a great deal from my daughter of how not to let the circumstances of my life dictate the quality of my life.

By January 9, Dinu felt the Lord had sent her a message calling her home. When Rev Asiri Perera President/Bishop of Methodist Church, visited Dinu that day, she told him clearly and with perfect sense that she wanted to go to God’s house…she had been called home.

The following morning, Dinu’s family gathered around her bedside. Roshani and I, her loving husband Chamara, and others. God gave us one last birthday with our loving daughter on January 13, 2016. On the night of the 14th, Dinu was surprised by being able to listen to her favorite artiste, Keerthi Pasquel singing to her by her bedside.

No one realized, except may be Dinu, that it was her last night on earth. Dinu thanked all her doctors, especially, Dr. Surjit Somiah who had looked after her so well. Each one had done everything they could to help her.

That night Dinu uttered these words to her family gathered around her bedside, “Jesus is coming tomorrow morning…beautiful…I am waiting for a message…I am watching…it—it is beautiful.” Just as she said to us, the Lord came in the early hours of the 15th. My little angel is now a Heavenly angel at the Lord’s side.

Dinu touched the lives and hearts of many souls across the world. Even through pain and suffering she united them in the word of the Lord.

I believe she would be looking down eternally on all her loved ones until the day comes when we too get a calling of our own. The spirit of my loving daughter, will live on through every act of kindness she ever performed. Her bright loving smile will never dim in the memories of the lives she touched.

Premakumar and Roshani Fernando

Nandasena Perera

A friend in need

It is with great sadness that we came to know of the untimely demise of Nandasena Perera, a few days ago. Popularly known as ‘Nande’ to many residents of Uplands Kandy he was a rare human being and an altruist of beneficence to all who came to know him. William Shakespeare who wrote in (Hamlet 1.3.), ‘Those friends Thou hast and their adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel’. Indeed, Nandasena Perera was one such friend who had the appeal of others for a lasting friendship.

He was a duty conscious government officer with a long period of service and functioned as Assistant Land Commissioner covering a wide area of duties. He was an honest, sincere and patriotic individual whose motto was duty first – leisure later.

Nandasena Perera was a popular figure in the Uplands community, always willing to help others in need. This trait of sincere altruism undoubtedly developed from his young days and became a permanent characteristic as he advanced in age. For all of us at Uplands Kandy he was an affectionate friend, always cheerful and inspiring others in their daily lives. In his speech, he was honest and sincere with a tinge of humour, keeping his listeners alert, and hopeful.

It is sufficient for men such as the late Nandasena Perera who has proved his virtue in action to be honoured in reciprocation. This was seen by the public gratitude paid to him at his funeral.

He led an exemplary life with his family and relatives always striving towards a balanced and truthful perfection. He was always the smiling and happy individual, who made others eager to talk to him. In his manner of living he showed an elegance tempered with humility and cultivated his own philosophy. He displayed his generosity in the quality and obligation of beneficence, not in the vanity of discourse.

Nanda Perera had a large circle of friends belonging to many faiths. He was erudite in the principles of theology in most religions and had a large collection of books. He was a devout Buddhist closely following its principles in his day to day life, unlike those who accepted such principles in theory only. Many in other faiths detected these qualities in him and admired him.

He was always seen tapping at his computer, and was an inspiration for today’s young people, as he was very knowledgeable about technology and its application, making use of computers at his old age.

Alexander Pope in his essays on man refers to his friend as his guide and philosopher. Leonard Wright, a prominent author says; ‘As old wood is best to burn, old horse to ride, old books to read and old wine to drink so are old friends always most trustworthy to have’.

Nandasena Perera, a great personality, and a best friend that one could have, is no more. I express my deepest sympathies to his beloved wife Aunty Susila his children Ruwangani, Sudeesha, and Ishika. Goodbye uncle Nanda, your friendship and family meant a lot to us. Still this neighbourhood sees a glimpse of your presence around. Even in death you will live in our memories, always. Miran Perera