A doll made out of glass | Sunday Observer

A doll made out of glass

The society has changed. As I walk along the road I can see that buildings have taken the place of trees, and smoke has taken the place of fresh air provided by,
mother nature.
You and I are different.
Do not talk to me.
All I do is hurt you.
I have lost my humanity. You think that I am great, but you are wrong.
You are the only pure thing right now. The wolves of selfishness, revenge and anger are within me.
I want to change the reflection I see in the mirror.
Promise me son that you will not change and that you will stay pure.
I have turned into a doll made out of glass, I cannot change back.
I break easily and have no heart. But you are a human and I am not.
Curse you, the demon of industrialization.
[Meaning= how people change and lose humanity and become machines due to industrialization]

Diyaana Subasinghe,
Grade 11,
Leeds International School,Matugama.