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Hot water springs

Sri Lanka is a land to many natural resources. Hot water springs are one of them. We can see them at Embilipitiya and Kanniya. These places are very popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Locals and foreigners visit these places often.

There are seven square shaped wells in Kanniya. These wells have a height of 3 – 4ft. We can clearly see the bottom of the wells. The temperature of each well is different from others. In the past the wells were used by monks. There are ruins of a Buddhist monastery, but,those were destroyed in the civil war.

The hot water spring in Embilipitiya was discovered by Leonard Woolf, Assistant Government Agent of Hambantota from 1908 – 1911. It was developed to a major tourist destination in 2000s.


W. A. Pasindu Anjana Weerakkody,

Grade 8 A,

Ku/ Royal International School, Kurunegala.