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The Village by the Sea

First Prize

The Village by the Sea is written by the Indian author Anita Desai, and it was first published in London by Heinemann in 1982. The story is based on culture and tradition, and it is loved by young and adult readers alike. The story is based in Thul, a village in the coastal area of Western India. The book tells us about the hard life of a family that is subjected to poverty. With their father permanently drunk and mother seriously ill, Hari figures out that it is up to him to earn the much needed money for the family. So Hari leaves Lila at home with his two younger sisters and leaves for Bombay. Because of this decision Harry learns about the value of a family, and that families should work in unity and peace. I admire this book because it tells us about poverty and everyday happenings in families subjected to poverty.


Anushan Jayasinghe,

Grade 9,

Trinity College,