DWC on alert to trap man-eating leopard | Sunday Observer

DWC on alert to trap man-eating leopard

The Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) is vigilant to take immediate action in case the escaped man-eating leopard returns to Panamure Estate in Hatton, Minister of Wildlife and Sustainable Development Gamini Jayawickrama Perera said.

“DWC is retaining the traps laid in the area and is keeping watch in case the leopard returns. If returned, the leopard will be relocated to a protected area. This is to ensure the safety of the people and the leopard,” Minister told Sunday Observer.

Earlier this month, the leopard attacked several estate workers in the area, instilling fear among residents.

Speaking of long-term solutions to protect leopards in the area, Minister Jayawickrama Perera said that there is the need to protect upper land forest cover.

“Humans can’t invade the forest. Therefore, we will be taking measures to protect forest cover along with Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment,” he said. Minister added that Cabinet approval was given for allocating members of Police, Special Task Force (STF), and Tri Forces, to every wildlife park and sanctuary.