More hybrid cows to boost milk production | Sunday Observer

More hybrid cows to boost milk production

In a bid to enhance liquid milk production in the region the Southern Provincial Department of Animal Productions and Health has initiated a project covering all Veterinary Surgeons’ Divisions in the Southern Province, project officials said.

The provision of hybrid milk cows for cattle farmers, constructions of cattle sheds, improving grazing lands, setting up hybrid cattle regeneration farms and also reproductive model cattle farms, provision of quality fodder for milk cows, giving necessary mineral mixtures and medical treatments for fertilized cows and also the promotion of milk based domestic industries are included in the animal husbandry development projects they said.

According to project officials families engaged in animal husbandry and cattle farming in the Southern region are currently numbering over 20,000.

Necessary financial allocations have also been made in this regard. Southern Provincial Council funds and decentralized budgetary allocations are utilized in this respect.