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Sri Lanka’s Wu Shu star for ‘Super Fight League’

Tiran Thakshala
Tiran Thakshala

Sri Lanka Tiran Thakshala well known martial arts specialist in mixed martial arts and kickboxing is the Sports Ambassador in U.A.E. at present.

As a student of Carey College he started his career as Wu Shu fighter and a Boxer under the guidance of Don Lesley. Mastering the Wu Shu tactics went on to be a 5th level Black Belt holder in Wu Shu and Wing Chun training under Prasanna Jayaweera.

Tiran with high standard of skills and dedication was able to win the under 17 all island Wu Shu Championship in 2007 and the following year repeated the same in the under 19 age group.

Moving further he annexed the under 21 All Island Championship in the year 2007. Competing in the National School Games, Cadet Boxing Championship bronze medals and also bagged the T.B Jayah Memorial Boxing Trophy.

Considering his noteworthy achievements his school Carey College offered him a two year (2007/09) scholarship to Shanghai Wu Shu University to undergo further training in his Wu Shu career.

In Shanghai University he was under the guidance of Sun He completed the Wu Shu and Higher Sports Diploma Certificate.

Returning from China Tiran commenced his coaching career at St. Joseph’s College Colombo and Carey College. While continuing his coaching career he stepped on to mixed martial training competed in the ‘Colombo Fight Night’. At this meet fighting against an experienced and a person 20 kgs above his weight made a good win.

His achievement paved the way for him to fight in the World Super Class Fight League in India in the year 2012. Gaining these superlative achievements, skills and fitness studies helped him to gain recognition and was appointed as the Fitness and Kickboxing coach at Hili Rayhaan by Rotana in Al Ain, UAE. While working as a coach he continued to take to part in competitions in UAE’s Ramadan Maktoum Championship winning the title there.

He has undergone training in Jiu jitsu under three time world champion Flavio Serafin and jiu jitsu Black Belt Marcos Bessi.

He also went to Thailand’s Phuket Top Team in 2016 for further martial arts training. While in Thailand Tiran also had the opportunity to learn more with Lerdzila four time world Kickboxing champion Chand Kru Jack who is a Muay Thai coach.

Last year he fought in Super Fight League in Delhi, for Mumbai team under Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan. Tiran won his fight by a knock out and was selected for the top 5 knockouts in the entire league.

Tiran is the only Sri Lankan fighter who has won a fight and selected to be entered to Top 5Kknockouts in this Super Fight League from Sri Lanka.

Also Tiran’s ‘3T’ Kickboxing, Wu Shu & mixed Martial Arts Academy, Hili Rayhaan by Rotana is the only ,U.A.E Kickboxing Federation registered Club in Al Ain.

Last December too he went to Thailand for a special fight camp and trained with all the top class world champions and coaches in Phuket Top Team. He has undergone training in Kickboxing, Boxing - Muay Thai and Wrestling.

He considers 2018 year will be a big year as he has been invited again to compete in the Super Fight League in Mumbai, India.

He fighting for the Mumbai team which is owned by Salman Khan’s brother, Abbas khan. Tiran is fighting in Mumbai after lapse of 6 years and he’s the only fighter from the 1st Super Fight League (2012) who’s fighting this year’s Super Fight League.

In fighting world Tiran is known as ‘Tornado’ among his fans all interested in this fighting sport in India. Tiran says his main ambition is to fight to win a UFC title in the future.