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Taken too soon

The new song, Coming Your Way by DeLon Jayasinghe and Sherena Fernando was released on January 7, 2018. The song is a tribute to Savindu Thulakshita who passed away on February 6, 2015 from an incorrect medicine given to him by an Italian hospital for the common flu when he was just 19 years of age. Sherena, the sister of Savindu is also one of the co-writers of the song.

DeLon, a well known singer in the country and in the U.S explains the story behind the song,

“Savindu, a proud Sri Lankan, migrated to Italy to help take care of his sister. While in Italy, he contracted the flu. Savindu went to hospital for treatment and received a shot. This shot lead to a heart attack the next day he died on the floor of his house in Italy in the hands of the paramedics, while his sister and father stood helpless. His family tried his case in court for malpractice but the hospital claimed he had a “pre-existing heart condition” and took no responsibility. The family was given no recourse or damages for their son’s death. They are left with medical bills and the death of their 19 year old son.”

He said they wanted to release the song on Savindu’s birthday which falls on January 7. Savindu’s family isn’t looking to fight with anyone, but rather celebrate his birth and life. “So for his birthday, I have released this song, Coming Your Way, with his sister. Happy Birthday Savindu!”

Sherena Fernando speaking to Young Voice mentioned that the song was made when she last came to Sri Lanka. “I got a call from a friend of mine telling me that her cousin saw my videos on YouTube and he knows what happened to my brother and that he would like to do a song about it. And it was like three days before I was flying back to Italy. And then I went to the studio and met Udaya Mathangaweera and Azlan (the producer).”

She also said that the song was written and recorded on the same day and that once they were ready to release the song, it was sent to DeLon.

“Udaya sent it to DeLon not thinking he would actually see it but he did! He said that he would like to do the rap part of the song which was originally done by Delvin, and that he loved the story behind it. Then Udaya and DeLon met and he rewrote the rap and recorded it. He has done an amazing job with it. And from then on he has worked really hard, it amazes me how passionate he is about this and I’m super thankful to him. I still haven’t met him in person so I’m looking forward to meeting him soon.”

She also said that she is extremely happy with the song and reiterated the fact that this song means a lot to her.

“My family and friends were super supportive. So I would like to thank my dad for being the best dad ever. My cousin Lakshan and Ayesh, Amith, Viola, Samith, Udaya and a massive thanks to DeLon for everything.”

The song Coming your way is on DeLon’s YouTube channel “Delonmusic’.

The entire story on what happened to Savindu, is on Sherena’s Instagram ‘@sherena_fdo’