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Subhash Pinnapola launches Storybook

21 January, 2018
Subash Pinnapola
Subash Pinnapola

Subhash Pinnapola, a veteran with 25 years of experience in the advertising field, will launch an independent Creative Company, Storybook; with a vision to usher in a new era in the ad industry.

He has been in the forefront of operations at network agencies such as O&M, JWT and LOWE, and was the Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett and Chief Creative Officer at TBWA before finally making a move to establish an independent agency.

Founder / CEO of Storybook, Pinnapola said, “Storybook will be the first independent creative agency of its kind. As the name suggests, we have a distinct approach to commutation that’s based on emotional engagement with our people. In today’s world, the consumer is not obliged to listen to our brand messages unlike in the old days.

“The modern consumer is empowered and highly intelligent. Our specialty is creating powerful stories that connect people with brands.

“We build brand stories as appropriate for people and culture. Storybook will turn the pages of a new chapter in Sri Lanka’s advertising in this regard.

“We are a young creative company with a wealth of experience. We are driven by a passion for what we do. We combine this wealth of knowledge and passion with a vision to produce top class creative work for our clients.

“Work that’s on par with international standards that has helped Sri Lanka create a name for itself on the global arena whilst delivering results for our clients,” he said.