Controversial MiG deal : AG calls for more evidence | Sunday Observer

Controversial MiG deal : AG calls for more evidence

The Ukraine Government has stated that they have been paid only US$ 7.2 million for the controversial MiG deal that took place during the former regime, despite an alleged payment of US$ 14.7 million, Cabinet Spokesman and Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said.

The file of the controversial MiG deal has been sent to the Attorney General who has called for more evidence to be recorded to clarify that only US$ 7.2 million has been paid to Ukraine and certify its MoU as well. After this is done, all the details of the MiG deal will come to light, Dr. Senaratne told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

“The exact amount of the MiG deal was US$ 7.2 million, but a payment of US$ 14.7 million has been made. Therefore, a US$ 7.5 million commission has been obtained through this MiG deal.

It was said that this transaction was done by a Singaporean company, but it had taken place in Ukraine. We investigated this Singaporean company. There was no company as such, but a small stall which has since been closed. Now all these deals have been identified,” the Minister said.

According to the Minister, the late Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wickramatunga exposed this deal. Then a case was filed against him at Mount Lavinia Court where subsequently he had to make an apology due to lack of evidence.

“Later Wickramatunga received all the documents pertaining to the deal and had prepared a two-page article to be published in the Sunday Leader, soon after which he was shot dead. This is the true story. Lasantha was killed as a result of this MiG deal,” the Minister explained.

He said the money obtained from this MiG deal has been deposited in five accounts in Hong Kong, according to the information gathered so far.

“The owners of these five accounts are Indian Muslim nationals. Now they are issuing statements that these are not their funds. The methodology in Hong Kong is that if a certain percentage of monthly interest is paid, there are some people who are willing to open this kind of secret accounts.

Those who deposited money in such accounts are well aware of it. The Government with the assistance of its lawyers should take up this case and get the details of those accounts in Hong Kong,” Minister Senaratne said.

A Ukranian national who was involved in this deal had fled the country, but fortunately, he was arrested by Interpol one and a half months ago, while hiding in France.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has given instructions not to arrest anybody without the due legal process taking place, unlike in the past, but to first refer the case to the AG and have it properly analysed before arrests are made.