‘Royal Rugby Fiesta 2018’ kicks off at Havelock ground today | Sunday Observer

‘Royal Rugby Fiesta 2018’ kicks off at Havelock ground today

We are an alumni association, comprising of classmates who passed out from Royal College Colombo in 1991 and is affiliated to the Old Boys’ Union of Royal College.

With over 500 strong memberships across the world, we are proud of ourselves as a group that cares about our alma mater though we parted wayback in 1991. We started our journey by building an overhead water tank for the junior section which was a much-needed requirement at that time. We constructed a Staff room for primary teachers to enjoy their break and gave

a facelift to the Rifle shooting/Weight lifting arena which gave a boost to these two not so popular sports. We further invested in restoring the connecting Bridges of main college buildings and a part of the main parapet wall, while preserving its colonial ambience.

We created a carnival of Rugby popularly known as the ‘Royal Rugby Fiesta’, a fellowship for the Rugby fraternity of all ages which is in its *17th

consecutive year*. This is probably the only tournament of this nature conducted in the Country, where rugby fans and players rally together to celebrate both the School and the Game. The first Royal Rugby Fiesta was organized in 2002 with the prime objective of getting together various groups of past students together in order to promote goodwill and togetherness. This has been an exciting event for the old boys to get-together and as well as to try their hands at their favorite sport at College. The Royal Rugby Fiesta has become one of the most important rugby events in the event calendar of the Royal College Union from the inception of this tournament.

Group of ’91 is holding the annual Touch Rugby tournament, ‘Royal Rugby Fiesta 2018’ on Sunday 21stJanuary 2018 at Havelock ground, kicking-off at 8.30 am.

This year’s event will be held on a grand scale as it’s the 17th Royal Rugby Fiesta. Matches will start at 8.30 am and will go on until 6.00 pm.

Spectators can witness exciting touch rugby throughout the day. An estimated 25 rugby teams and many spectators are expected for the event. In the past, this event has been patronized by leading rugby players from Royal College, some of whom later went on to represent various clubs and the country too. The participants include leading personalities from the corporate world and other distinguished professionals such as doctors, engineers, architects, accountants, academics etc. Matches will be played under the age categories of 20-30 years (Junior Category - for the *Summa Navarathnam Challenge Trophy*), 31-40 Years (Mid Category – for the *Group of ‘91 Challenge Trophy)* and 41 plus (senior category for the *Senior Challenge Trophy*).

Each successive year, the organizing committee has made sure that novel items were introduced to make the event more attractive. This year too several new items will be included. This is an event for the entire family with several competitions for the ladies and children. There will be a special entertainment area for kids as well as adults. A Magic Show, Face painting, Bouncer, Popcorn hut, Magic Balloons, Clowns, beer garden, BBQ stations, cocktail bars. Renowned DJ Music will be available from beginning and a popular live band will be in action in the evening. Food stalls will also be present at the grounds.