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Of oaths taking and the Judiciary

So Siripala knows, once every three months there is some nonsense going on at the New Shop. Some joker is being garlanded for giving ass and a few for being good. This week was no different.

Come Thursday, all the courts in New Shop were at a standstill, till 10.45. The Magistrates which must start at 9 to the Districts which start at 9.30 and the rest were all at a standstill. Why? because someone was taking oaths for something - the poor guy caught with some Ganja had no clue about, or the man trying to get his money back didn’t care.

So Paradisians know that in Paradise land an hour and a half delay in commencing the day means a lot of the cases won’t be heard and will be heard only in a few months’ time, no. Imagine, the fellow who, waiting a few months till today, having to wait a few months - in something that means his life.

Siripala says, tell these donkeys to have their ceremonies at 7 in the morning. Wake up and do the nonsensical ritual at 7, or better - come on a Sunday and spend the whole day doing what you want - but for Godsake spare the innocent of your shenanigans. It ain’t cool Ma Lord.

The Uva wound

Siripala won’t forget and Paradisians shouldn’t forget that the first bullet to take off Mahinda mama was fired in Uva. Remember that time, when everyone thought Mahinda mama was undefeatable - if there is such a word.

Well, now we’ve come a full circle haven’t we, with our Fat boy and obviously chief looking man in the province telling this one to kneel and that one to shape it up. But Siripala really isn’t in the mood to go into that detail.

Rather, Siripala thinks that this Police connection was really interesting. You know, the Secretary to whatever that Ministry was - who had called and tried to ‘shape’ the entire thing off - is the wife of Senior Cop. And pronto, how do you think the Police acts? Sends the victim for psychiatric check ups and doesn’t oppose bail against the Chief that be.

Aneyda kiyanne.

Prez insists on the sword

So our main man Maithree is in no nonsense mood. He has made up his mind that corruption must end, and the Premier agrees. Well Siripala thinks that it is only these two men who can do it - and make sure the likes of Aloysius and his daddy-in-law never see the light of day among the million others who shouldn’t.

So Paradisians should be excited shouldn’t they? Well they were before 2015 dawned too, but we can never give up hope right? We are a ‘hopefully’ people and hope is what we do. If not would we have been switching from one to the other all these 70 years - all the time hoping things will be better. Ha ha.

SAITM again

Haiyo, Siripala thought there was some end in sight to this nonsense, no. Not that Siripala cares a hoot about education and this and that - what education for our fellows men, look at where all this education has left us as a country?

Anyway, Siripala cares about the time he gets home. He doesn’t want to go home angry and in a foul mood, but everyday that he leaves his workplace for home, he is caught up in the greatest traffic jam in the world. And it happens everyday. Every day beats the previous day’s record.

Imagine, when all these records have already been placed - the entire Colpetty stretch of Galle Road was shut off? Can you believe a functioning country shutting down its financial hub because of a protest. Have you ever heard of such a thing except of course in dear ole - Paradise land.

And he huffed and he puffed waiting for the bloody vehicles to move, but to no avail. The SATIM kind thought it fit to ruin a hard day’s work by trying to encircle the Trees that is temple.

And you know who had to pay the price for this ruckus? the Haminey at home - Siripala shouted and screamed the entire night for everything that he wanted to. “ where is the Lunu you bloody....” “ Where is my cup you.....” was the order of the day. Someone has to pay the bloody price no nadda?