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WADA panel educates youngsters on ‘Sports Nutrition’

Dr Seevali Jayawickrema
Dr Seevali Jayawickrema

An Awareness Program on ‘Sports Nutrition’ was held on Wednesday at the Sports Ministry Auditorium with the Keynote Address delivered by Dr Seevali Jayawickrema, Director General - Sri Lanka Anti-Doping Agency WADA. Along with this program a panel discussion on ‘Nutrition vs Supplements’ was also held in the presence of experts on this issue Dr. Seevali Jayawickrema, Chandrishan Perera, Former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain & National Coach, Kushil Gunasekera, Founder & Chief Trustee of Foundation of Goodness, Thaabit Ahamed, Founder & Coach of TAFA Coaching, Talavou Alailima, Managing Director of Power World Gyms which was Moderated by Thariq Thulba, Past District Governor - Rotary International District 3220 Sri Lanka & Maldives. This program was named as ‘RAISE II’

It was highly notable to see school children from various schools being invited to witness the discussion. The program can be of great value to young students who are engaged in sports activities as the speakers came out with their knowledge about sportsmen and women who had to face the unexpected results after being pronounced that they were found guilty of using enhancing drugs for their benefit.

During their speeches they also mentioned many Olympians who had to forego their medals due to this unwanted use of enhancing drugs. They also showed examples to prove their facts saying how and why they took to these unwarranted acts to win medals at any cost.

The experts further added that we in Sri Lanka can be proud of our sportsmen and women as they were got involved in this kind of activity to be punished by international sports governing bodies. They went on to say that a country like Sri Lanka has various kinds of food that are capable of giving all needed requirements for our sportsme and women. If they get used to these food what we have here can be made to good use. All speakers unanimously stated that our local food are sufficient to keep local people in fine health condition as all energy needed for peoples system are filled in our local food. They also requested young students not to look for performance enhancing ingredients but always to keep in mind to have the best by using only the required food for your system to keep you healthy. This will not only help to be fit but also brings you prestige for being a healthy person through the right way.

Emphasis was also made that hard work, perseverance and dedication to achieve the ultimate goal by any athlete / sportsman will always pay dividends. Examples of prominent local as well international sports personalities’ dietary intake as well as their daily routine in practices were conveyed to the benefit of the audience. Kushil Gunasekera cited the example of the legendary ‘Murali’, as referred to by the cricket loving public. His knowledge of the effort and dedication exhibited by this iconic figure stemmed from the fact that he has been his Manager for two decades; his was a case of a sportsman who actually had a deformity that would have discouraged most sportsmen to even take up a sport leave alone excelling in the manner that he did.

This International sports RAISE II, is a joint initiative of UTO EduConsult (Pvt) Ltd., a leading event management company, along with the undisputed market leader in the confectionary industry, Ceylon Biscuits Ltd. (CBL), manufactures of the iconic ‘MUNCHEE’ brand of biscuits, hosted the awareness program on the topic of ‘Nutrition vs. Supplement’.

The panel of speakers included Dr. Seevali Jayawickrema, Director General – Sri Lanka Anti-Doping Agency (SLADA), TalavourAlailima, Managing Director of Power World Gyms, Thaabit Ahamed, Founder and Head Coach of TAFA Coaching, Chandrishan Perera – former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain and National Coach, Kushil Gunasekera – Founder and Chief Trustee of Foundation of Goodness. The sessions were moderated by Tariq Tulba, continuing in the role that he performed so admirably in the inaugural event.

Munchee International inter-school Futsal Tourney today

The International inter-school Futsal Tournament has been organised by UTO EduConsult together with Munchee on Sunday 28th January 2018 at the Thurstan College Grounds commencing at 9 a.m.

The draw for the Munchee Inter-School Futsal Tournament was also held on Thursday is as follows:

GROUP ‘A’ - S. Thomas’ Preparatory School. Alethea International School, Royal Institute – B, Amal International School – A

GROUP ‘B’ - Gateway College – Colombo, Wycherley International School, Asian International School ‘A’, Amal International School – C

GROUP ‘C’ - Elizabeth Moir School, Burhani Serendib School, Belvoir College nternational, Royal Institute – A

GROUP ‘D’ - The British School, Colombo, Lyceum International School, Wattala, Asian International School ‘B’, Amal International School ‘B’