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A Trafficked Population

Oh God, Siripala has travelled across the country and around the world but never has he witnessed a cock up like it was last week for commuters in Paradise isle’s most important city.

Imagine, the commercial hub of the country completely locked down for hours and hours - with no proper plan, and no proper strategy, for the sake of ‘rehearsals’?

I say, only at these times Siripala thinks, what of independence - when we make a mockery by not letting the country run independently.

Students were late, offices began late, meetings were not held and hundreds and thousand of man hours wasted on the road, because our politicos did not give a damn about their time. Aneyda kiyanne.

A trafficked population!!! that is really what we paradisians are.

Apartment Ravi gets a good knock

So everyone was waiting with abated breath to see what the Grand Old Party will do with our Penthouse boy. Back in the day, we remember nothing would’ve happened, right.

But thank God, there is some sanity in all this melee - the man had to resign from his post and was shamed quite rightly for the sordid affair.

Now the Grand Old Party seems to have cracked the whip. “ Enough is enough” he was told by the Secretary of the Elephants no less.!! “ Stop shaming us and leave” was the message. Loud and clear.

How else to give a message to this man, men - when he has the gumption to say he didn’t know how he came to the Penthouse, despite living at the place for 9 months. Haiyo haiyo.

Gota too gets a knock

So the High Court has told Gota “ don’t talk nonsense men, the Bribery Commission can file charges against you”. This was after G- boy sought to revise the order of the Magistrate’s Court regarding the Avante Garde case.

Thankfully this time, Judges can take decisions like this, no? remember those days? “ when you can’t give the decision I want you to?. There is a nice white van outside, get in putha” was the request ha ha.

Premier makes the point loud and clear

So, it had to be the Big Elephant again, explaining to the people what a mess the country was left in after Mahinda Maama’s regime, no. People don’t realize economics, no men. Even the Bond scam, how many people realize what really happened except knowing that something very bad happened.

“ We were given a country in ruins and we have to build from nothing “ he told the people. One can only imagine with loans here and commissions there, and million dollar pocketings from everywhere, what a mess the country was left in on that fateful January day in 2015, no.

Robbery at the Naval Base

Aneyda kiyanne, can you believe that some of the locals gone for a small picnic to Trinco Naval base were robbed of their cash and jewellery. I know you won’t know. How could that happen, when the entire area was so secured.

But it has, and what a sad story that is. How can people trust to stay at houses when things are stolen from within a military camp, men. Haiyo haiyo.

So from what we hear, 19 people had been staying at the Trinco Navy Base Holiday Bungalow and when they woke up on Wednesday, all their belongings had been ransacked.

Crazy no.