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Remembering Independence Day

Country proven by centuries of great civilization
Fell prey to horrific alien domination
Seventy years ago on this day of Independence
Lankans put an end to this alien dominance
First, it was South India due to island’s close proximity
But, they were driven away by our ancient royalty
Then came the Portuguese, Dutch and the British
Which completely led our age-old freedom to perish
‘Spices and Christians’ was the wish of the Portuguese and Dutch
But ‘Naval Supremacy’ was the aim of the British
Being the centre of the sea route between East and West
To maintain naval supremacy
British thought, it best
In addition, Lanka was a welcoming, safe environment
With rich natural resources to their hearts’ content
All three powers were grabbing all they could reach
But, a good lesson to them,
Lankans were unable to teach
For a pretty long time Lanka was a victim of Imperialism
This gave rise within the isle to strong nationalism
They now knew there was a gigantic task ahead
Hence, braved all dangers
“Let us unite” they said
Our patriotic leaders honestly discharged their duty
To bring about freedom, peace and security
There arose the amazing moments of hope
When our heroes tried their best to cope
Their dedication to achieve long lost sovereignty
A success and foundation too was laid for prosperity
Independence thus gained was an enormous victory
Really and truly a remarkable landmark in our history
Today, paradise isle completes
70 years of independence
It is with pride the Sri Lankans celebrate the occasion.

-Rupa Banduwardena