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DAISY PUNYASEELI ABAYAWARDENA (nee LEANAGE). Beloved wife of late Daya Abayawardena (Retired Director of Government Supplies),​ loving mother of Hiran,​ Dinanjalee,​ Mihiri,​ Tilak,​ Ruwan,​ Namalee & Ianthi,​ mother-in-law of Nandanee,​ Punya,​ Anura,​ Vidarshani & Saman,​ beloved grandmother of Malshani,​ Samadhi,​ Pathum,​ Malki,​ Wageesha and Devni,​ passed away on 2nd of February 2018. Cortege leaves residence at 32/​4,​ Railway Avenue,​ Colombo 05 on 4th of February at 3.30 p.m. for cremation at Kirulapone General Cemetery at 4.00 p.m. (No flowers by request).015114

FERNANDO - DR. JOE (Former Snr. Consultant Plastic Surgeon,​ NHSL). Dearly beloved husband of Noelyn,​ son of late W B Eusebius and Juliana Fernando of Katukurunda,​ son-in-law of late Sir Philip and Lady Marian Rodrigo,​ loving father of Jayantha Fernando & Ruchira Ginige,​ loving father-in-law of Dr. Samitha Ginige and Dr. Natasha Peiris,​ beloved grandfather of Sachini and Jivantha,​ passed away peacefully. Remains will lie at A.F. Raymond’s Funeral Parlour from Saturday 3rd February at 6.30 p.m. onwards. Cortege leaves A.F. Raymond Parlour at 2.15 p.m. on Sunday 4th February for cremation at General Cemetery,​ Borella at 3 p.m.015247

FERNANDO - DUNSTAN - (Formerly Milk Board & Hampden Lane,​ Wellawatte). Dearly beloved son of late Mr & Mrs Aron & Omisa Fernando,​ beloved husband of Ruby (Mani),​ adored father of Chamila,​ Dr. Eranthi (Cancer Hospital,​ Maharagama) & Janani (USA),​ father-in-law of Nick,​ grandfather of Baby Akasha,​ Baby Janick,​ loved brother of Freeda,​ expired on 25th of January. Private funeral was held according to his request on the next day (within 24 Hours) at the General Cemetery,​ Mt. Lavinia. Phone Number 0112721090. 97B,​ Abeyesekera Road,​ off Watarappola Road,​ Mount Lavinia.014847

VINCENT MONICA - At rest with Jesus. Beloved wife of late Shelton Vincent,​​ loving mother of Glen,​​ Sandra (Australia),​​ Eroma (Australia),​​ Theonie (Australia),​​ Bernadine & Lester (Australia),​​ mother-in-law of Rosanna,​​ Max Tennision (Australia),​​ Ainsley White (Australia),​​ Clifford Bell (Oman) & Amy (Australia),​​ darling Nana Graham,​​ Vanessa,​​ Lochlin,​​ Caitlyn (Australia),​​ Diedrie (Australia),​​ Nigel and Andrea (Australia),​​ Bianca,​​ Bilinda and Calvin,​​ Lyndon and Ruben (Australia). Cortege leaves Jayarathne Restpect Homes,​​ 483/​​485,​​ Bauddhaloka Mawatha,​​ Colombo 8 on Sunday 4th February for burial at General Cemetery Kanatte (RC Section) at 4.00 p.m.015085

REV SISTER MARY THIYAGA PERERA of St. Bridget’s Convent Infirmary expired. Remains will be laid at Rest at Good Shepherd Convent Chapal,​ Nayakakanda. Holy Mass will be on Monday 15th at 3.00 p.m. followed by funeral service.015341

NIMALADASA - A. MIULIN - Beloved wife of late K.D. Nimaladasa,​ mother of Lakshman (Retired - Sigiri Garments),​ Rohan (Hibiscus),​ Dhammika (Browns) and Anura (ExpoFreight),​ mother-in-law of Anusha,​ Ann,​ Tilak and Yasmin. Remains will lie at No. 280/​57,​ Garden City,​ 3rd Lane,​ Katubedda. Cortege leaves residence on Monday,​ 5th February 2018 at 4.00 p.m. for Mount Lavinia Cemetery.015342