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Sunil Jayaweera artfully expresses feelings

Niyangamala, was Sunil Jayaweera’s maiden children’s art book. Its debut in 1964, as a Saman publication depicting the image of a woman and a niyangala flower, attempted to add a new dimension to the work of art.

His other creation, Walas Puncha printed in 1972 is a black and white release. Jayaweera has artfully expressed his feelings with a curious mixture of colours.

Weera Madduma Bandara, meant solely for children, and a Cultural Department publication won three awards at the State Literary Awards Festival, followed by his Pinhamy made into a film, which won awards at the Moscow Festival in 1981. Kimbulgedara Manamali portrayed the rural idyll embodying the true characteristics of the inarticulate villager. Jayaweera’s labour was rewarded when he was presented the prestigious BIB international award by the Czechoslovak government.

The Kimbul Gedara Manamali also won a Japanese Government award.

Kalu Banda, Sitaknethi Rajek, Nuwanethi Velanda, Pansale Ethinna and Athuru Mithuru Dambadivathuru, are his other artistic creations.

– Chandana Ranaweera