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Fipbox - a novel platform for financial markets info

11 February, 2018

Capital Alliance Limited (CAL), one of the country’s leading investment banking firms and a preferred partner in financial markets launched Fipbox, a centralized web application that is more than just an information platform that facilitates investors with up to date information about financial markets.

This platform will disseminate information on interest rates and credit ratings of banks and financial institutions. It will also allow clients to confirm investments through the official web site to help them shop for the best rates on fixed deposits on a single platform.

Fipbox allows users to track their investments from end-to-end including maturities, re-investments and other related details. A one time submission of information into the Fipbox application simplifies the hassle of filling application forms.

“Conducting a search online for the best fixed deposit rates can be a challenging task for the lay investors, but Fipbox simplifies the entire process by providing all the required information such as interest rates and credit ratings of all banks and financial institutions in Sri Lanka on its platform. Fipbox users can make their deposits in three clicks. It effectively does away with the need to fill forms and wait for a response. It also educates the community about investment best practices by sharing content on investment and money saving matters. This innovation is yet another testimony to CAL’s commitment to deliver excellence in execution, world class research and product innovation,” CAL Managing Director Ajith Fernando said.

CAL has been consistent in investing in technology and development. We identified the space in the retail sector and built this single platform for customers.

The company expects to make this a seamless transaction process. We also hope that modern technology plays a key role in this regard.

We are working towards implementing a digital signature process to make the transactions easy and hassle free, he said.